Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Crocheted Doughnut... 100% fat free!

I've finally found a way to satisfy my craving for 'eye-candy' and stay healthy at the same time! Behold, the Crocheted Doughnut!

I made this doughnut this morning from a crochet pattern my sweet friend Rachel shared with me and I loved it so much that I just had to share some pictures! :)
Totally cute and completely sugar-free, fat-free, and cholesterol-free! :D Plus, it makes a simply adorable pin-cushion.
Yes, that is my hand holding the doughnut...
Rachel made her doughnut in 'chocolate' and white, but since I absolutely love strawberry, I made myself a tan "vanilla" doughnut with pink "Strawberry" frosting. :) And I couldn't resist 'sprinkling' the top with some pink-&-white beads!
Okay, I'll be merciful, here's the link to where Rachel found the pattern... *CLICK HERE* I have to say it was very easy and I enjoyed making it a lot! :)


  1. Hello Miss Julia!
    Oh! How delightful and adorable!
    I saw the doughnut pinkcushion on Miss Rachel's summer blast giveaway, too. I love the strawberry and white--lovely!

    Joyfully in Jesus,

    P.S. I LOVE Aqua Poppy Designs, but most every time I go on their website, my computer freezes up and I have to re~start my computer. I have trouble pulling up your blog, I think because of the design. Just an idea...but I LOVE the background!

  2. How cute! I need to relearn how to crochet one of these days.

  3. Wow! You were super quick in getting it done and putting it up there! =:D Oh, I never thought of strawberry! Those are my favorite! =:) (okay, now I'm hungry!) Your's came out more fluffy looking than mine, I like it better that way! =:) I think the yarn I used for my other ones was a bit thinner maybe...Anyway, it's so cute! (I love how you named this post, that was cute too!) =:D

    Love and Hugs!

  4. Oh my, that is so cute! I love the fat free part.=)

  5. that's awesome, I love how it's pink and sparkly and yummy looking....

  6. Miss Elizabeth,
    Thanks! It was so much fun to make. I'm so sorry your computer has trouble with the Aquapoppy designs! That's awful! :( especially since I love my background! :(... I'll think about changing it but I'm pretty sure I want to keep it... drat. I'm sorry.

    Thanks! :D

    I would definitely reccomend re-learning to crochet, it's such a wonderful hobby! :D

    Haha! I was so eager to make one of these I did it right away! Not bad, considering you sent me the pattern last night and I finished the doughnut by lunchtime today... :D I love how it came out... I think the yarn I used worked very well! I will certainly be making more of these! :) Thanks again for the pattern, dear friend!

    Elizabeth J,
    Hi! Thank you so much for commenting! :D Yes, it is fat-free... unfortunatly it also doesn't taste very good... :)

    Hey Kierstyn!
    I think the beads were the hardest part, but it's worth it because you get that pretty 'sparkle'! :) It does look good! My brothers thought it looked like a real doughnut! :D


  7. That is absolutely adorable, Julia! What a great idea! I might try that sometime! :)
    God bless,
    ~Miss Raquel

  8. I love the crocheted donuts... my Grandmother made all the gals in my family one for Christmas last year. They are so cute! :)

    Hope you are having a blessed day!

  9. Oh how cute!! Thanks for the link!!!!!
    Kathleen @

    P.S. I like your background fount and header!

  10. How neat!! So cute :D. crocheting is so much fun, the only problem is having enough yarn for everything you want to make!

  11. That is So cute! I only know one crochet stitch so I never do it. I like knitting and I am trying to quilt right now.

  12. I just noticed that you did the beads different than I did. You crocheted them into your work, and I sewed them on later! I guess I forgot that that wasn't in the directions! (at least, I didn't see it!) I'm glad you figured it out! =:D You're pretty smart though. =;)

    Love and Hugs Sweetie!

  13. That is so cute, Julia! You did a wonderful job on it. :)

    ~ Blessings,

  14. Ohhh, how scrumptiously yummy!! =)
    Now I'm inspired to learn to croquet just so I could make this cute little donut! My mom has been wanting a pincusion, so... [grin]
    Thanks again for sharing!
    Love in Christ,

  15. Hello Miss Julia!
    Another comment... :)
    This would be such a fun giveaway if you make another one of these!

    Have a nice evening, delighting in the Lord!

  16. Yummy! I wish I could crochet when I see things like that! Great job!

  17. I LOVE it!
    I also liked seeing them in person! :)

  18. Wow Julia,I love the doughnut!It is SO pretty.I know how to crochet,but only a tiny bit.....:)I will be sure to check out your friends blog.

  19. After reading this post some time ago, you inspired me to learn to crochet. About two..three weeks ago my Great Grandma was out here and she LOVES Crocheting. She taught me how and I crocheted my first scarf for my 3 year old little sister. (We live in Idaho..and it's all snowy down here. You simply can NOT go w/out a scarf. Hahah!) I found out I LOVE to crochet. I just have to keep practicing so I can do harder things like the beautiful doughnut! I think I'd make a chocolate one hehehe :D

    Thanks Julia for inspiring me!!,


    Ps. I also crocheted a wash cloth, using cotton yarn. It's so soft and gentle on your face. The best part is it's a really pretty pink and brown wash cloth! Haha.

  20. love your donut. have been making similar ones for all my family in memory of my nephew who passed away this summer. He loved sprinkle donuts.


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