Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why Publix is my favorite grocery store...

It just is. :D

I mean, look how pretty the store is!

 I wish we had one in the town we live by... the closest one is an hour away! We happened to be stopping to pick up some goodies for lunch in the middle of a shopping trip today... some of our favorite things to get are the delicious black forest honey maple ham sliced-while-you-wait lunch meat, and fresh-baked cookies from the bakery. Sugar cookies with sprinkles and chocolate chip! Yum. :)

 The store is always pristine...

Huge selection and variety...

 Neat as a pin, spic-and-span...

Hahahahaha. Mark. 

Decent pharmacy and lovely cards section...

And the produce department is a joy to behold. *sigh*

the other side...

Oh look! There's me. ;) 

This is a totally candid shot, btw... I love the look on Mark's face as he and Mama were deciding which package of pineapple chunks was worthy of purchasing. ;) 
What is YOUR favorite grocery store?

Their motto is "Publix... where shopping is a pleasure." And they are quite right! :)

Hope you enjoyed that! I'll be back soon with some longer posts and a couple book reviews. :D


  1. I like Publix too. I think my favorite part of it is (unfortunately) the cookies. :) The only store I enjoy more than the grocery store is the craft store. Hobby Lobby, anyone?
    I enjoyed reading!

  2. Publix... it is indeed a pleasure shopping there! I take it for granted that we can go there often {and have about 4 locations to choose from!} I too love how clean and orderly it is, and am now reminded of how blessed we are.


  3. Shopping truly is a pleasure at Publix. Like Shannon, we have about four or five different stores to choose from in our area, including one that is walking distance from our home, so we populate it frequently! I love the clean environment, excellent customer service, and free cookies, of course. :) We've made some very sweet friends at our own Publix, and they always stop and say hello when we're going about our shopping. Thank you for the reminder, Julia — I often take for granted the wonderful blessings we receive.

  4. Sorry but my favorite store is either Hobby Lobby or Charming Charlie's.:)-Abby S.

  5. Mark takes the cake. Hehe!
    Oh, yeah, publix may be my favorite store too. But only when it comes to groceries. ;)

  6. Publix looks like a lovely grocery store, Miss Julia! We don't have any here in Maine unfortunately. Our Hannafords just remodeled however, in anticipation of the new Super Walmart. It is so nice to go into a grocery store and have lots of choices!

    Sweet blessings,
    Mrs. Laura


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