Friday, October 25, 2013

Life as a Ranch Hand

Howdy Ya'll!

I'm so sorry I've been so scarce with posts as of late. If you could walk a mile or two in my shoes, you'd understand why I haven't been blogging... when you have two big projects going at once plus a new job, finding time to blog is a little difficult! :D

At the beginning of this month, I was hired on as a ranch hand at the beautiful Rock Ranch in The Rock, GA. Owned by Truett Cathy (founder of Chick-fil-A) the ranch is a popular tourist destination and has tons of family-friendly activities. It's definitely a fun place to work!

Check out this video to see what I mean: (I'm in it! See if you can spot me... oh, ok, I come in at 1:51) ;)

 That was actually my first day of work, running the bounce-house and the extremely popular "corn box"... who knew wallowing 2 feet deep in corn was so much fun? (I'll take the kids' word for it, thanks...) the next week I assisted in the kitchen all morning, making coleslaw, wrapping burgers, and filling drinks for a company picnic that was being hosted in Truett's Barn... then the last half of the day I helped out with the pony rides!

I took these photos while the horses were on their break for 45 minutes... the rest of the day they were walking in circles, attached to a carousel underneath an open barn structure. The kids absolutely loved them and it was so much fun seeing their little faces light up as some of them rode a pony for the first time in their lives.

The pretty mare there is Cherry. I think she may have been my favorite. :D

The only downsides to this otherwise delightful job are that your arms and legs quickly tire from hefting the kids onto the ponies and walking in endless circles, and that every so often you have to stop and shovel muck when the horses need to 'take a dump'. :P

I'll be working the pony rides all day tomorrow for the not-so-spooky halloween festival, which I'm looking forward to! Sadly, I can't think of a cute DIY costume I could wear that would be pony-rides proof. If you have any quick suggestions, leave them in the comments section... there is a $50 prize for the best employee costume, after all! :D

(and I promise it won't be so long before I post next. I have some awesome redecorating to tell you about!)