Hi, and welcome to my little world! :D

I'm Julia. 
I'm two-dozen years old. (24)
When I was younger, I imagined I'd be married with two little kids by now.
But God had a bigger adventure in mind... and I'm still discovering the different facets of it. :)

Someday I still want to have a beautiful family and homeschool all my children,
But until then I'm listening to God's voice and living every moment to the fullest!

I love my family so much. My parents are always there for me and are some of the most wonderful, genuine Christian people I've ever seen. I have never once been steered wrong by their gentle guidance and love. My two younger brothers and I are great friends - they often hang out in my room to watch movies or chat, and I enjoy their company. I'm so proud of the talented young men they are... their creativity and ingenuity never ceases to astonish me. 
(They have a blog, a website, and Flickr Photo-streams.) 

Writing is something I adore. I've already written four novels (although two of them - The Undercover Millionaire and my Jane Austen-style Lissie may never see the light of day) The third, ASHBURN, is a clean action-suspense story with a hint of romance - and you can get it now on Amazon. The fourth, DIAMOND is the sequel to ASHBURN and will be released June 2015. I'm currently working on my fifth novel, a sweet, wistful tale titled Smoky Mountain Serenade, which I hope to release this fall.

I also have a jewelry business - which I've been doing for ten years now! Jewels by Julia. I am in the process of revitalizing my Etsy shop and will let you know when it's ready. I also wrote some ebooks on how to create your own jewelry and they are available on my website, jewelsbyjuliashop.com

Those aren't my only interests. I also love photography, graphic design, interior design, crochet, cooking & baking, fashion, fitness, singing, and dancing. Among other things. :) I stay rather busy!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoy reading Julia's Journal. Don't be afraid to say "Hi" - it might be the beginning of a most enjoyable friendship!


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