Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seashells, here I come

Ya'll. I get to go to the beach.


Really exciting. I'm looking forward to just chillin' in the sun (if such a thing is possible) with my new kindle touch in hand and flip-flops on my feet. :)

I hope to come back with a tan, seashells, and lots of pictures. Oh, and a sackful of memories. :) I won't be gone too long, in fact, I'll return before you know it. :D I'll have internet while I'm away, so I'll see blog comments. :D

For now, I pack!

Hey! would you like to see what my brothers and some of our friends and I filmed this week?

Make sure you have the sound turned up so you can hear all the lines... not to mention experience the full effect of all that epicness. ;) Haha! My favorite part of the whole movie is the piece where the fiddle cuts in as if saying "You NEVER die!" :D What is your favorite part?

See you when I come home! :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I can hardly take so much excitement...

Hi Readers!

This week has been a busy week! I'm stunned and amazed at a sudden, astounding blessing that God dropped into my lap on Tuesday. :)

I had been hoping to set up a display of some kind at this really cool new shop in town called "Rescue Me". It's full of repurposed, vintage and handmade items, and the whole place is so fun! Well, on Tuesday at 1:30 in the afternoon, one of the proprietresses called and told me they'd been working through their waiting list of people who wanted to sell things in their shop, and they'd reached my application... and they now had room for me, since they'd been moving things around this week!

*jaw hits the floor* YAY!!!!

That morning, Mama and Daddy had been shopping around and looking for possible furniture pieces I could use for a display in the shop. They'd spied a couple pieces in a local used furniture store, and when Mama showed me a picture of a buffet table she'd found, I loved it. So... we went back and I bought it for $115 (not bad at all for such a lovely little piece! I'll be able to use it in my kitchen someday!)

So...I cleaned it up and rubbed Orange-Glo polish into it and figured out how I wanted to display the jewelry in it. I knew I wanted a mirror and didn't have one, but lo and behold, the furniture place had a nice one with a gold frame for $8, which was Perfect with a capital P. :)

Mama helped me with the beautiful little details such as swirly fabric backdrops in the shelves, and I picked the best jewelry I had leftover from my homeschool conventions, and we plopped the whole shebang in the store and it was done by 7:00 that evening. :)

Oh yes... PICTURES!

Isn't it lovely? I'm prodigiously proud of it.

We even topped it off with a fun lamp that Mama glued lace onto, and two busts with pretty necklaces.

Here is what the display looks like from a little ways away... (I was elated with the position, it's smack dab in the middle of the shop and only a few feet from the cash register, which is behind that red-and-green stuff in the middle of the picture) Yay!

Here is most of the shop. It's full of amazingly interesting repurposed items! Check out that light fixture made from an old bedspring frame and studded with starry little lightbulbs!

Back to my display. I took several closeups. :)

The earring rack. It was tough choosing which ones to use... I still have about 400 pairs leftover from other shows... so I just threw in my favorites. ;) 

I laid out flat some of the necklaces. Before we left, both shop owners had commented on that sparrow necklace with the autumnal brown colors and the golden bird pendant. :)

I was able to squeeze three of my clear plastic necklace boards onto the middle shelf! Woohoo! I put some of the most eye-catching things in the center... some cameos and a silver sailing ship pendant. :)

There's the mirror. Shoppers can look up to see their reflection and hold jewelry up to themselves to see how it looks. See the cute 'jeweled' trim we taped to the top of the buffet? I love that!

Mama took a picture with her iPhone of me taking pictures. ;) (see how long my hair is?) The buffet is about six feet tall, three feet wide, and eighteen inches deep... couldn't have been a better size!

Haha. I looked up as I was about to take a close-up of the rings. My hair almost brushes the floor when I bend over. Time for a tiny trim! ;)
 AND, on Sunday, a dear sweet friend came to see me! Rachel Heffington is down in Georgia for a month, and was able to pop on over to my house for dinner! We had such a fun time! I hope she can come back again before she goes back to Virginia. :)

Just look at her sweet face! :) I had such fun getting to know her a little better!