Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Well? What do you Think?

I'm looking for a new background for my blog. This purple-bluey striped and swirled one is called 'Sugar Shoppe, Plum" and I can't decide if I want to keep it or not! I like it, but...is there a better option?? Did you like the old one better?? I'm also considering a few other options...





So...which do you like the best? I couldn't really find one that was just perfect...although there are a LOT of cute backgrounds at the site I found... Anyway, please let me know what you think!




I think I'll stay with the one I have now for a while... and keep looking in the meantime. They're continually adding new ones over at "The Cutest Blog On The Block!" Check it out...it's so easy to use! Just copy and paste!


  1. Hello Julia!!
    I like the one you have now, but I, personally, like the first two choices better. They are so pretty! Just my own opinion... you choose! :)


  2. Hmmmmmm............I like the second one. They're all pretty though! Tough choice.

  3. I like number two and number four. What site did you find these at?

  4. Hi Ella,

    I'm so sorry... I found these backgrounds at http://www. Thecutestblogontheblock.com! There's a link to it on the far upper left corner on my blog. I can't believe I didn't put a link on the post...I'll do that now.

    Madison and The Meiners, thanks for your input! So far everyone likes #2...I might do that one next month. I'm still looking for more options! :)


  5. 2 or 4 is my opinion

    I like 4 especially!

  6. Hey Lydia!

    Thanks for the opinion! :) I like 4 but I'm wondering what I'd do with the black middle...I'd have to do really light-colored letters....SIGH oh well. :)

    I appreciate the comment!

  7. I love the 4th one! It will look great on your blog! I actually almost put it on my blog!


  8. I like the idea of changing templates every month. It looks great now, and I also like all of the other choices as well.

    ... oh, and I LOVE your music. Relaxing. :)

    Have a great day!

  9. Number 2! I think the design is lovely.

  10. Hi Julia! :)

    All of these backgrounds are SO cute! :) I especially like #2 and #3! :) On #4 you could probably do your letters in pink. That would look so cute too! :)

    I hope you have a Wonderful week! :)



  11. Hi Julia,
    So I found your blog through the kindred spirit network and thought i would say hello :) I am new to it so I was going around checking out blogs and such...
    I would have to say that #3 and #4 are my picks...I love the website you got the backgrounds off of :) I need to redo my site but...I need to have time to do that :)
    Anyway, just thought I would say hello :)

  12. Hey Julia,
    My name is RaeLynn and I found your blog today after reading one of your posts on the Rebelution website. I'm a homeschooled highschooler, the oldest of six, and was very encouraged by your goal of being a stay-at-home mom! That's my dream, and thank God, I have wonderful parents that encourage my dream. I'm working to finish school early, but not so I can go to college, but instead so I can pursue writing. I've written many works of fiction, poetry, children's stories, and short stories... and am now working on my first non-fiction book for young women.
    I also love making jewelry, singing, and photography. I also play and teach piano.
    I hope to come back here soon!

    God bless,

  13. Julia, feel free to link to my patest post! Oh, and I was curious...if you don't mind saying...where in Florida did you use to live? I was in the Orlando area.

  14. I like the one you have on here the best!!!

  15. Hi everyone,

    :) Thanks for all the 'votes'! :) I think I'll stick with the purple one I have now... maybe I'll change it to something new next month. :)

    Ella, I used to live in Naples...which is right on the opposite side of Miami on the Gulf of Mexico side. :) I have cousins who live in Orlando! It's an amazing place. :)

  16. Hello Julia! This is the first time I have been to your blog. Everything is so lovely! I saw that you were trying to decide on backgrounds and I think number three is very pretty. Just what I think, have fun choosing!


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