Friday, October 30, 2009

Time just slips away...

Get ready for one of those "random musings and ramblings" posts! :)

Doesn't it seem like time just flies these days? Maybe it's just me. However... I logged on to check my email, planning to spend no more than 5 minutes at the computer, and the next minute I found myself blog-hopping and reading a bunch of random photography blogs and looking at all the amazing pictures, and the sweet weddings... ahhh... ♥♥♥....

And then, I looked up at the clock... and it had been an HOUR since I sat down at the computer. It reminded me of a video over at the rebelution that I saw the other day. Something about "hold that thought, God, while I check my email". :)

I have been convicted lately that I need to spend more time doing the important things that my family needs me to do... like helping my mother around the house, doing things without being asked, and being a sweet and gentle influence in our home.

Now all that remains is for me to put this wonderful theory into practice...

Would you, reading this right now, please send up a quick little ten-second prayer that I could succeed in this mission I am attempting? I would very much appreciate it. :) Thank you.

How about you? Do you feel that you spend your time in worthwhile endeavors most of the time? I don't know if I do. What are some big time-wasters for you? For me it's probably the internet, (email/blogging) reading stories for fun, and crocheting. :) Those are good things by themselves, but too much of them isn't a good way for me to be spending all my time.

Anyway, just thought I'd jot that down while I was thinking about it...

Oh, and there is some very interesting news over on my mom's blog. Just in case you want to read it. :)

Have a wonderful, productive, efficient day!


  1. That's so true, Julia!! I think my biggest time waster would have to be the internet. It's so easy to just go from site to site and totally lose track of time! This is something that I have been working on lately though. Anyway, I said a prayer for you (and myself too!). :)

    ~ Love and Hugs,

  2. Yes, I do. Lol! ;D And, I too have been convicted of it lately. I have been busy with my crocheting/knitting and just being down right lazy of late (with some excuse, but not a lot). ;)

    I waste my time by searching for recipes, and patterns too sometimes. But mostly recipes. I can spend HOURS!!!!! looking and saving them, only to realize that I've probably saved something close to 100 and I could never make all those even in a year's time! :O *blushes*

    So, Yes, I have been needing to work on my time as well and using it more wisely. I have also been convicted of how neat (or not so neat) it is around here. I have craft stuff all over the basement where I work, again. :P *Sigh* I want my surroundings to reflect how my heart is doing and right now they don't look too good! ;) So I have that to do as well! :)

    So sorry about your house! It's a lovely home, I bet you will be sad to leave it in a way. :( But I am excited for you too! ;)

    Love and Hugs dear friend! And thank you for your sweet comments on our blog! :D

  3. Wow, Julia, you Mom's post surprised me. I never expected that you guys would be selling your house? How are you doing about it?

  4. I know what you mean! I've found myself on the internet hours a day, while more important matters lay at my feet unattended.

    One thing you might find helpful is an internet timer like TimesUpKidz. I just started the trial version and am so pleased! Now I've been doing a lot more important things like sewing and reading and studying my Bible. (If you want to read more about my experience, I posted some info yesterday on my blog).

    Just for the record, I love to read spontaneous random musings. Inspiration doesn't come predictably, you know. :)

  5. I relate to that completely! I'm definitely praying alongside you.

    The internet is my biggest time-waster too; it's so hard for me to pull away because it seems like so much more fun than doing the things I know would be more productive and helpful. Plus, many times it's like how you said, where you think you're just getting on for 5 minutes and it turns into an hour.

    To help enforce the 'industrious' mindset that I'm trying to learn to have, I turned to my Bible Concordance and have been reading/studying the verses under 'Industry'.

    God bless you in this 'endeavour'! :)

  6. Hi Julia,

    I love your blog and thought you deserved an award! Please check my blog. Thanks! The Lord bless you dearly.


  7. Thank you Lindsay! I appreciate it!

    Love you Rachel. :) lol!

    Ella - I am fine with my family's decision, we've been thinking this over for a while and I've had time to get used to the idea. :) I will miss my house dreadfully, but already we've seen some lovely prospects in the area we want to move to... so I'm excited to see what God has in store! :)

    Anna- that is so true! Inspiration doesn't come predictably! I love that... :D

    That sounds like a wonderful study topic! :)

    Why thank you! I will have to go check that out! :)



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