Friday, September 17, 2010

Craft Show Tomorrow!

I know! I've been so bad with posting. I hope to improve drastically as soon as tomorrow (and the next day) pass on by. What's happening tomorrow, you say?

Tomorrow my mom and I will be running a booth at the Shakerag Festival in Peachtree City, Georgia, selling my handcrafted jewelry and my mom's vintage-style aprons. We have a lot of other items as well, including 2 afghans I crocheted, comfy cuddles, (which are heating packs, great for aches and pains) crocheted slippers, and crocheted pincushions. :D It's a fun booth! We did a mock set-up today in our carport and it looked great. I can't wait for tomorrow! (even though I will be getting up at 5:45 AM, as we have an hour's drive there...) :P

Please be praying that our merchandise sells well. It would be a huge blessing for our family. :) And if you're in the area, I'd love to see you! Feel free to stop on by! :D



  1. Oh, how fun! Praying that you sell all of your lovely things! If I lived there, I would definitely stop by :)


  2. I hope it goes really well this weekend Julia! I've missed you in the blog world. :)

  3. How fun!

    Peach tree city is a quite a drive from here unfortunately...

    But, make sure to take lots of pictures...! :-)

    Your handcrafted things always inspire me.

    I hope your items sell well!



  4. Oh... I wish I could be there, Julia! When are you planning on opening up your Etsy shop again? I would really love to buy some more of your custom clip-on earrings. *wink*

    Have fun at the show!! :)

    ~ Lots of Love,
    Lindsay <3

  5. wow, That's great! You really have a great talent!
    I know that everyone will love your stuff.

    God bless! and be safe!

  6. Hope you did well at the show! I'd love to see what your mom's aprons look like.


  7. It was great to see you at the craft show! I am thinking about doing it next year, so I'd love to talk with you and find out details and all that good stuff sometime! :) We really do need to get together...I can't believe how long it's been.



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