Monday, November 22, 2010

Off To The Beach...

Hi blog readers! :)

My family and I are leaving this morning for Florida to spend thanksgiving week with my grandmother. I hope to come back with a tan and a few seashells. :) While I'm gone, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! (Tip: Go light on the mashed potatoes and gravy - fill up on turkey and veg instead!) :D

On our trip, I will be taking my new iPod shuffle. In pink. :D
 The reason I had to get a new one was that my old iPod shuffle tragically got left in the pocket of the hoodie I wore to the gym, and drowned in the washing machine. *sniff!* :( Strangely, the earbuds still worked just fine, it was only the iPod that died. (?) Anyway, I loaded up my NEW iPod with all my favorite music and it's ready for the trip! I even got a little adapter so that you can plug the iPod's usb plug right into an electrical outlet to charge it! No need for a computer! (which is a good thing, because my grandmother does not have one) :D

And, I thought I'd share pictures of a little project I'd done recently...
I found this GORGEOUS old-fashioned frame with a collage mat inside it for 8.00 at Ross. (I love that place, it's like a huge yard-sale) I took it home, and waited for months trying to decide which 'perfect' photographs to print and put inside.

Then I saw a tutorial where a lady had filled a similar collage with neutral backgrounds in each picture hole with a single feather in each square. It looked pretty cool, and inspired me to work with what I had on hand... which was a lot of old greeting cards left over from birthdays and my graduation party in '09.

 I especially like the peach one in this corner - it says "God is crazy about you. He doesn't just like you a little, he doesn't just think you're sort of special - the God of the universe is head-over-heels, deeply, truly, forever-and-ever in love with you."

I even fixed some of them up. The "Love, Hugs, Laughter" card in the corner there used to say "Happy Birthday" across the top, which was nice but I didn't want it in my collage... so I covered the text with two pieces of paper and stuck a flower sticker in the corner for a little extra embellishment. :) Also, the black damask-patterned one in the center used to have a fancy "B" in the middle... but I don't have a B in my name... so I simply stuck a pretty sunflower sticker over it, and Voila! It was perfect collage material. :)

Hoping you have a very happy Thanksgiving,


  1. Have fun Julia! :D And have a safe trips too. :) Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family. :) Hugs!

    (and sadly, your tip doesn't really work well for me when our veggie is green bean's still lot's of fat). ;) But I'll be doing my best...we plan to put out a big veggie tray to snack on before dinner so that will be good. :)

    Oh, what a fun idea! And I love the way you changed the lovely! :D That frame is so antique looking...Love it! :D

    Lot's of Love and lot's of Hugs!!!! :D

  2. Very pretty craft! I like it. Enjoy your trip!

  3. i love your creativity! umm you've given me an idea what to do with the cards we received when our son was born.
    love your ipod. mine is ipod classic, big and heavy, and with that weight - not a chance on earth can it see its way to the washer through the pockets! enjoy your trip. God bless.

  4. Hi Julia!
    Bridget here. Just visiting. Love your newest creation, what you did with the card frame! I love all those stores, (T.J. Maxx' Ross, Marshalls too)! I have collections of frames, pictures, things I've cut out, all that I think are pretty so maybe I'll try a collage too.
    I have been collecting pretty fall leaves and making collages, ironing them into wax paper. It's like making stained glass, sort of. I hang them on windows, or on light fixtures where light can shine through and illuminate the pretty colors.
    Hope you had a great time in FL. Hoping to be in touch so Susan G. and I can come visit you and mom, as we talked about. I'll call you!
    Love you, Bridget

  5. I hope you had a good trip! Your ipod shuffle is so cute:) Love it!

    I also love your collage! Very sweet and creative.

    Love you!


  6. Ohh..I like Florida. We were there in October for a few days :)

    That is a good idea with the cards and frame. I also have some really neat graduation cards that I want to display, but don't know how. :)


  7. Hi Julia! What a cute idea! I like your pink ipod. :)

    ~Carrington Faith

    p.s. I'm McKenzie's cousin. :D


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