Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's not about me... but thanks.

What do you do when people say you're awesome?
When people compliment you, tell you you're talented, smart, beautiful, creative, and amazing... how does one react?

The wrong way to respond is to let your pride inflate like a hot-air balloon and soar up through the heavens until you think you're the greatest thing since sliced bread. Which I *cough* have done before.
(incidentally, what IS so great about sliced bread anyway?)
Another wrong way to respond is to blush, duck around the corner, hide in the ladies' room, and insist you don't deserve a single compliment.

One of the right ways to respond (not THE right way, just A right way) is to smile and quietly say
"Thank you."
I have my bad days. I have my good days. On my bad days, I do not deserve to be called beautiful or amazing... 'cause I'm not. On my good days, I work hard, I accomplish a lot, okay, I deserve a little pat on the back. Not fawning admiration, but a small "thanks". Which I get x100 from my loving family. :) They're so good about saying "thank you".
So. About blog awards.

I received some lately from a very dear (boy, those words seem so insipid. What an understatement) wonderful, sweet friend ... Rachelle.
I also got one from Lizzie, a past winner of a jewelry giveaway I did! :)
And Charity also awarded me! I enjoy reading her book reviews.

Thank you, girls. I appreciate the awards.
From Lizzie:
(According to Lizzie, "Liebster" means 'Dearest' in German)

• Choose five up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers to award. Make sure and notify them by comment or e-mail that you did so.
• Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them. If you’re not already a follower of their blog, that might be a great way to show appreciation for the award. :)
• Post the award on your blog, and be sure to link back to the 5 blogs you awarded, so that others can visit them.

Fun part! Awarding others! Surely, it is more blessed to give than to receive...

1. Rachelle! Who inspires me to dare and dream and discover. 
2. Rachel! Who is such a sweet and sisterly influence in my life.
(less than 200 followers? oh well....)
3. Sarah! Who heads the MOHL group that has blessed me in countless ways. A good friend.
4. Katelyn! A faithful commenter! (a highly desirable quality in a blog reader)
5. Miss Dashwood! A frequent poster of all things Period Drama. I love her blog. :)

I hereby award you all the "Liebster" blog award.

 From Rachelle:
Oh, my, goodness. This is the cutest blog award I have ever seen. I got it a few years ago, but I'll happily accept it again!
I award:
and Rose H.
For being "Kreativ" and "Kute"! :)
Strawberries! *snicker* Inside joke. Among the MOHL gals.
 Whom I hereby award! MOHL gals, the strawberry award is yours. :D You know who you are.
I really like this one... It's neat!
I award:
For being versatile! :) 
From Charity:
I'm an inspiration! Wow. No pressure, right? Right....
I award:
For their inspiration. :)

Charity also awarded me the Irrisistibly Sweet blog award, and a few others I'd already received. :)

And I think with some of these awards you are supposed to post 7 random things about yourself.


1. I am not afraid of bugs. I squish them myself. Unless a handy brother happens to be nearby, in which case I calmly and nicely ask them to dispose of it.
2. Today I designed the remaining bits and pieces of the new CD cases for our ebooks on how to make jewelry and how to make duct tape weapons. It was a huge job, but everything came out splendidly! Yay! :)
3. I rarely pay more than $2 for a piece of clothing. I'm a dedicated thrift-shopper.
4. I love talking to people, but in general I hate using the telephone. Go figure!
5. I am going to buy myself a big heart-shaped box full of chocolates this year, because I do not have a 'valentine'.
6. I'm a really good cook. But I plan to get better. :)
7. I am on page 235 out of 378, editing my novel, Lissie.

I hope you enjoyed this post! :) Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Awww! Your so sweet; Thanks! Really enjoyed reading about all the rewards-congratulations, everyone!

  2. Thank you for the award! I will have to remember to pass it on! =)

  3. Thank you so much for the award! I'm re-following your blog now-- somehow it didn't show up on my dashboard the first time (several weeks ago). Blogger doesn't like me, I think. :(

  4. You're very welcome, Katelyn, Melody, and Miss Dashwood! :)

  5. LOL!! Julia, you are so much fun girlie! ;) *HUGS* And I love you for it too! :D Thank you sweetie for the awards! You are too kind. I shall have to remember that German word...and how to spell it too! ;) *giggles*

    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Love you!

  6. Thank you, Julia! Very sweet of you to think of me :)

  7. Rachel, you're so much fun too! :) I'm so glad you liked the award! I liked the German word too... :)

    Ena, dear, I hope you're feeling better these days. I hope the award was an encouragement to you! :)

  8. Your tips on graciously receiving a compliment were a blessing and joy to read... thank you!

    {And thank you for awarding me, I am so blessed by your thoughtfulness!}

    In Christ,

  9. Could you please tell me how to post the Liebster award to my blog? I have tried several times, but it won't work :(

  10. Katelyn, I commented on your blog.

    Sarah, you're welcome, dear! :)

  11. Julia, love, love, love this. :) From the title to the randomicity! :)

    Congrats on the editing!

  12. Just wanted to say I think your blog is awesome! Oh, and I hardly ever spend more than $2 dollars for a piece of clothing either. :D


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