Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Seashells, here I come

Ya'll. I get to go to the beach.


Really exciting. I'm looking forward to just chillin' in the sun (if such a thing is possible) with my new kindle touch in hand and flip-flops on my feet. :)

I hope to come back with a tan, seashells, and lots of pictures. Oh, and a sackful of memories. :) I won't be gone too long, in fact, I'll return before you know it. :D I'll have internet while I'm away, so I'll see blog comments. :D

For now, I pack!

Hey! would you like to see what my brothers and some of our friends and I filmed this week?

Make sure you have the sound turned up so you can hear all the lines... not to mention experience the full effect of all that epicness. ;) Haha! My favorite part of the whole movie is the piece where the fiddle cuts in as if saying "You NEVER die!" :D What is your favorite part?

See you when I come home! :)


  1. Yay! (So jealous, lol) I've been craving the beach all summer! The relaxation, the waves, the beauty, cool sea air! Have fun for me! Oh, and I just got a Kindle too! I'm really enjoying it, and I know you will too. :) By the way, when were you planning on publishing your spy book? I'm dying to read it, especially after looking at your boards on Pinterest!


  2. Hi Kristen! :D

    Exactly! And I'll make sure to have extra fun just for you. ;)

    My spy book! :D I'm glad you want to read it! I will be publishing it... um... when I finish editing it? :D I would assume sometime this Autumn. I want to send it to a couple of publishing houses and see if I get any bites. I'll keep you posted! :)


  3. Hurray!! Turned out great! :D :D :D

  4. LOL XD That was great! I think my favorite part was when they said so nonchalantly, "Poor chap broke his neck" Hahahahahaha!!!!!

  5. Also, how did you make that video?! My sister and I (and a few friends) also make little movies like that ALL the time!! Any hints would be GREATLY and IMMENSELY appreciated!!

  6. Allison,
    Yay! I'm so glad you think so! :D We thought it turned out quite well too. :D Thanks again for all the help you guys gave us!

    Pink Panther,
    Thanks! We used Microsoft Movie Maker to put our pieces together and add sound and text and effects. It was really not that hard. :) We didn't even use a real 'movie' camera, just my regular Olympus PEN EPL-1.


  7. I am glad that you get to go. What cost are you on?
    I get to go in October. :) I CAN'T wait. :D

  8. Seashells, seashells. :) Love 'em ever so much. The sunburn not so much, of course, but oh, well. :)

    *laughs out loud at the fiddle* Hysterical! I love the rebellious sound of that twang.

    But my favorite part is "Po' chum!" *shakes head* Men. So matter-of-fact.

    Fantastic job, Julia (I've said that about all of them, haven't I?). By the way, you make a beautiful noblewoman. :)


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