Monday, January 21, 2013

Excitement in the Wind

Hi Readers!

I'm home from a weekend trip to Birmingham, Alabama. Why Birmingham? My brothers attended their first (and I'm sure it won't be the last) LEGO convention, "Brickfair Alabama", and displayed a beautiful castle scene they had created. The exhibit hall was filled with amazing LEGO builds, from a giant crane to moving trains and airplanes... and very tall skyscrapers, to boot! (And we musn't forget the pirate ships.) I have lots of pictures to share when I get around to it, which hopefully will be really soon. :D
Envision me sitting at the desk there, on my computer, typing away at you... for so I am!
It's so nice to be home once more... and I'm excited. Trying not to get my hopes up, and all, and yet... there's a hint of anticipation lurking in the corner of my mind. You see... this weekend, we had TWO house showings. Two separate realtors called us asking for the opportunity to tour our home in person with their clients! One called while Mama, Daddy and I were at the mall in Birmingham, so we were exceedingly glad that we had left the house in a semi-presentable state!

The other showing happened this afternoon. Daddy was away at work and Mama and the boys and I were sitting around like vegetables, feeling the effects of a traveling weekend, when the call came. The contrast between our previously vegetating selves and the bolts of lightning streaking around putting things away and sweeping out corners was nothing short of hilarious. We were able to meet this couple who came to look at the house and they seemed nice... and something about them seemed like the kind of people who would live in a log home on acreage. So I'm hopeful!

Stay tuned, I shall return with pictures from our trip. :D Did you miss me while I was gone? ;)


  1. What fun for your brothers! :D I bet that was a blast.

    Oh, thanks for the update! I was wondering only yesterday how things were progressing...I've been praying and will keep praying!! {{Hugs}}


  2. What a beautiful room! Trips are always fun, but how good it is to be back home! ;) I am sure all the LEGO creations were amazing {we once went to a Legoland park in Orlando and marveled at all the imaginative creations! I'm sure your brothers were very proud of their work...}

    Rejoicing with you,


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