Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dressing Up a Dress

Hey there!

Sunday afternoon after I got home from church, I played around with some different style combinations for my new beige dress. I had a lot of fun raiding my closet, but not so much putting it all back again. :P Lol! And there was still more I could have done, I just got tired of taking pictures... perhaps I'll try more in the future! Anyways... enjoy. :)

Okay. So here's the dress plain, by itself. Still so pretty. :D

This is the way I wore it to church. I added a mint pashmina shawl , chunky copper pearl bracelet, my favorite brown jewelry set, brown heels, and braided my hair. (I also carried my copper purse but forgot to get it in the picture)

"Business Casual" - gray short-sleeved blazer, silver purse, white-silver-gray leopard print ballet flats, (which are really cute, too bad you can't see them very well in the pics) and super-sparkly gray crystal necklace and earrings.

"Boho Chic". GAH. I think this is my favorite combo I came up with. The ivory ruffled blouse, belted with a 'lacy' leather belt, makes this amazing! Wow. I am definitely going to wear this somewhere soon. ;) (That is the copper purse I was using that morning, btw.) The pearl bracelet and pearl/ribbon necklace I made myself. 

"Girls' Day Out" - the bright peachy pink cardigan and crocheted ivory hat are such a fun combo! I added a peaches-and-cream tote, a pretty peach-and-white cameo necklace, peach eiffel tower earrings (hard to see, sorry) and white flats.

"Blues n' Boots" - inspired in part by some of my Texas bloggin' friends! ;D Denim jacket, brown  boots,  wide studded leather belt, brown jelly watch, gold filigree dangle earrings, and I tried two purses with this - one dark brown corduroy and leather one, and a canvas purse with cute fringe and polka-dots. I liked both. :)
"Dressy Ivory" *dreamy sigh* I pulled out my favorite ivory blazer and paired it with pearl cluster earrings, a  'diamond' (cubic zirconia) pendant necklace, an Aigner purse (I found that at a yard sale!) and white heels with bows on them. Hair swept up in a bun with a ruffly beige flower added. Oh, and a large white flower ring. :)

"Simple but Sparkly" - If one was going to wear this beige dress with a khaki jacket, you'd need something to glitz it up. I added a sparkly coppery-gold scarf a friend from Malaysia gave me, and sparkle-studded copper flip-flops. This needed a belt but I forgot to add one. :P

And I discovered that my favorite new dress is perfect to wear with my favorite old crocheted robin's-egg-blue poncho that I was given for my 13th birthday. Lovely! Not that you can see very well but I added silver flats with jewels on the toes, and beaded dangle earrings in the same shade of blue as the poncho. I also have a pretty pendant a friend gave me that would have matched this but I didn't think of it until later! :P

I also love the coral sweater-dotted belt combo I tried last week!
I hope you had fun reading this post! Which was(/were) your favorite combo(s) and why?


  1. Definitely love the denim jacket combo and the pink, pink, pink combo. :-) Your hair is so long!!

  2. Hi Lauralea! I liked both of those too. ;) Yes, it is! And I grew it myself. (haha!)

  3. I knew "you'd think of something cunning"! ;D These are GORGEOUS! You're so good at coordinating colors and styles together...do you teach lessons? ;)

    Yes, adore the jacket combinations. The "Blue 'n' Boots" combo would have to be my favorite...but that's 'cause I'm on a cowgirl kick these days (oh yes, and love denim jackets too). ;) haha.

    If you do any dressier combinations in the future I'd love to see those as well. :)

    Love you and so glad you're enjoying your new dress!

  4. I really liked the business casual one, and I'm really impressed at how many different styles you can do with one dress!

  5. First off you look stunning Julia! My favorite combos are Dressy Ivory and Boho Chic! Not that the others aren't equally cute but those are my favorites! -Abby S.

  6. Blues 'n' Boots and Business Casual are my favorites! Love the versatility of the dress!

  7. Wow, all these outfits are so pretty! I have to say the "Girl's Day Out" was my favorite though :)

  8. Oh what a pretty dress! It looks nice just by its self! My favorites were "Business casual", "Boho chic", and the very last one. I love styles that look clean cut and smooth and kinda fancy. I absolutely love dresses and have worn one to church just about every Sunday of my life! Your hair is soooo beautiful! And I thought my hair was long! Your hair braided is as long as mine is loose. Such a fun blog, just started really reading it today.

    His Princess


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