Friday, October 3, 2014

In Which I Was On TV!

You see, I happen to work at the wonderful Rock Ranch, located in The Rock, Georgia. Every autumn they have Fall Family Fun Days each Saturday from late September all the way through November, and each has a theme - for example, this week is Lumberjack day and there will be college teams from all over the southeast competing at lumberjackesque events like chopping trees, sawing beams, and log "burling" in the lake.

Now, why did that make me get on TV?

This year, the enormous corn maze is celebrating "75 years of Oz" (it's the 75th anniversary of the movie!) and the entire maze is shaped like this:

I know. Complicated-looking! And I have to memorize the whole thing because... I'm working in it! Part of the time I'll be a corn cop, helping folks find their way out of the maze if they need a little aid. But part of the time...

I'm dressing up as Glinda!

That dress must weigh ten pounds, but it's my favorite of all the costumes. :D ANYway, all the characters from the movie (but not the wicked witch) are represented by a great cast of Rock Ranch staff, including me. Kids (and parents!) will be able to meet-n-greet us and get their pictures taken.

It's going to be fun! I couldn't be there last Saturday, as I was in a very special wedding bridesmaid-ing, but this week I am stoked to be gallivanting around as Glinda. :D

Last week, myself and Hannah (Dorothy) and Tyler (The Scarecrow) and our events manager, communications director, AND my awesome mama (super-duper assistant extraordinare) all drove up to Atlanta. Whilst there, we stopped by 104.7 The Fish radio station and did a quick radio spot and got a photo with the DJ!

THEN... we went here.

CBS. As in, an actual TV station. (that's Adam, our awesome events manager, behind me)...

Click Here to watch the segment. Unfortunately there's also a bit about a haunted house, but it's over rather quickly. :P I had no idea what to expect when we went in, but it ended up that we didn't have to say anything at all, just smile and wave. There was another short bit where we stood at another table with pumpkins on it and waved goodbye at the very end of the hour and Parker surprised us by asking "So where is the tin man?" And I told her "He rusted over." XD Haha! We didn't have microphones on though.

Being at a real TV station was fascinating. The actual broadcast room was a lot smaller than I had thought, with different desks and areas in one room with several HUGE cameras in the middle that swiveled. One of the behind-the-scenes gals told me that my hair was fantastic and asked if I had any hair secrets to share on how to get it so long and gorgeous. :D (short answer: I don't. Don't blow-dry, don't dye, and don't flat-iron. I curl it once in a great while though.)

 Us waving goodbye. :D

And a scarecrow selfie! :)

After the live TV bit was over, Sue from Field Trips with Sue interviewed Adam more about the Rock Ranch, for her own website.

Then after that we got lost about four times on our way to a certain chick-fil-a (actually walked into the wrong one fully decked out in costume - that was hilariously awkward) we finally made it, ate some tasty salads that the staff served us on the house, and then took our picture with all the customers and handed out coupons in the drive-through. Most of those customers had never even heard of the Rock Ranch.

Just me that day, in a top I found on More on that amazing website later. :D

Mama and I made it back home at around 8:00 that night, worn out! But it was so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat. :D Maybe I will, we'll have to see! :)

Until then, if you live in Georgia and are looking for some great family fun this fall, come by the Rock Ranch ( and see me at the Corn Maze! :)


  1. Sounds like a fun day! You sure did a great job of smiling in tv clip!

  2. Wow! Looks like you had a great time.:) I am actually coming to the Rock Ranch on Nov. 15 I believe, maybe I'll see you there? In fact, if you are working that day, could you bring my an autographed copy of your book that I could purchase? Love, Abby

  3. Just posted my review on Ashburn on my blog!!
    Thank you once again for my copy.

  4. Julia? Did you get lost in the maze?

  5. Julia, I am missing hearing from you! (And I know others are too!)

    ~The other Julia Lauren :)


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