Monday, July 6, 2015

Locked-up Hearts | Letting Go

I think God's trying to draw my attention to forgiveness this week.

We visited a charming little church on Sunday and the pastor preached an amazing down-to-earth sermon on forgiveness. He said some things that shot straight to my heart like arrows.

God's view of forgiveness is radically different from our own. 

Past pain is a tool the enemy uses against you - 
because he wants you to cling to that heartache. It'll keep you from the glorious future that God has for you. 

The enemy wants you to believe that there's no way - 
that you're unable to forgive. (But that's not so. You are.)

Even Christ-followers will hurt each other. 

Sometimes God will allow and even orchestrate offenses, to separate relationships he never intended to happen in the first place. If God's not in it, it ain't gonna happen. 

Forgiveness does not = Reconciliation. You can forgive someone without having to allow them back into your life to constantly abuse or mistreat you. 
You can simply forgive them, and move on

Don't get me wrong, reconciliation is a beautiful thing. But it's true - sometimes God moves us away from situations (or people) that he doesn't want happening (or being) in our lives. And sometimes that hurts. Really bad.

If you're going to have any kind of relationship, ever, you have to open yourself up to the possibility of hurt. To be vulnerable. But we will always have the love of God supporting us, there for us, when people fail us. And they will, inevitably. But that's okay.

We can't lock up our hearts, safe from any cracks or bruises.

We can't hold on to heartache and miss out on the glorious intimacy of a relationship with God... and beautiful relationships that reflect a picture of the love God holds for his church.

The important thing is to forgive, and to discern when to let someone go if that's what God shows you is right.

After I got home from church, made lunch, and was washing up the dishes in the warm sudsy water, listening to a christian radio station - the radio announcer randomly starts talking about forgiveness, and then plays a song all about forgiveness. Haha. Okay, Lord. Message received! :)

I'm curious. Have you had to forgive someone for something serious?

And am I the only one God talks to using the radio? ;)


  1. Ah, forgiveness. That is a hard subject and an even harder conviction. Its tough to forgive someone of the wrongs they have done to you, especially when they're not sorry and continue to hurt you with their actions.

    It is something I have struggled with off and on for years and as time goes by it seems with more people. And each new offence by someone you trust only makes it tougher to forgive and trust again for fear of having your heart carelessly trampled yet again.

    Its difficult to remember that forgiveness isn't for the other person, it's for ourselves. To prevent us from becoming bitter and making our lives miserable. We have it set in our heads that the other person is the one that needs forgiveness and we deem that they don't deserve our forgiveness. So we hold our hurt close, nurturing it like an ever-growing ember that gradually grows into a fire if not snuffed out. But it's not. Its for us.

    But then God says we should forgive because he first forgave us.

    Well thanks for reading my ramblings. I don't know where I was going with this or if I had a point. Maybe I just needed to write my feelings out. :)


    1. Ah, Princess, I love ramblings! Never hesitate to leave a ramble here on my blog! :D

      SO TRUE. Forgiveness is for the good of our own hearts. I read somewhere that unforgiveness is like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die! :P Gruesome, but eye-opening.

      And God did first forgive us - so grateful for that!! <3

      Thank you so much for commenting! I treasure every comment I receive! :)


    2. Oh yes! I remember that quote, thanks for reminding me.

      And I shall never hesitate to post a ramble here again lol. :D


  2. Hello Julia! I'm glad you are blogging again! :) Yes, forgiveness has been a reoccurring theme here too - this reminded me of a unique message on forgiveness. It's a bit into the sermon to get to it - but he gives an illustration about forgiveness that has had a lasting impact on me. If you like analogies you might enjoy it too. Here's a link to it:

    1. Hello Kate! So good to hear from you!!
      I was just thinking about you the other day (I still remember that marvelous cup of hazelnut tea I drank at your kitchen table years ago) and feeling terrible that I didn't keep up with our email pen-pal-ing!

      I will check out that sermon when I have a chance, thanks for sharing! So glad you 'dropped by'! :D

  3. Julia,
    Thank you for this post. My family and I have been struggling with choices a close family has made. Without too much detail, they decided almost 2 years ago they no longer believe that God exists, and have completely turned their back on Him. They have cut off almost all contact with us, unless it's on their terms. I was especially close to them and it still hurts when we do see them. I want to forgive, but it's so hard, and I don't like seeing my family, especially the youngest ones, walk through it either
    Please pray for us.

    1. Wow. Katelyn, that is hard. I am sorry you've had to go through that, but glad you appreciated the post... hope it helped in some way. God is faithful. I will definitely pray for you and your family.

  4. Good stuff, Julia!
    I love reading about what God is doing in your life!
    Yes, a thousand times yes....forgiveness is an incredible blessing to the person giving and receiving it.
    Love you!

    1. Thank you, McKenzie!! :) So good to have a friend like you. <3


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