Saturday, September 26, 2015

Exhilarating, Exciting, Extraordinary NEWS!!

Well, with a title like THAT, you MUST read this post, right? :D
I am thrilled and delighted to announce that we sold our house.


(imagine me dancing in circles right now)

We really have been wanting to move for about.... six years now? We've lived in this home for 10 years, and loved it so much, but there are several reasons why we desperately need a change. More on that later.

So where are we moving?

A beautiful little spot between two larger spots about 20 minutes south of Atlanta. :D 'suburbs' of Atlanta are cities in their own right, with actual awesome stores (not just super-Walmart) :D But more on that later...

My plan, honestly, was to do a bunch of sweet and cinnamon-esque fall posts on Julia's Journal during September. That got blown out of the water with all the craziness of a HUGE pre-moving yard sale we did and then the mind-whirling week of sale offers, counter-offers, contract terminology, and finally, sheer and utter bliss. :)

But I have another announcement!

I'm starting a brand-new blog, because:

  1. Our new address is so charming, I'm still floating four feet above the ground. Ladies (and gentlemen?), we will be living on... London Lane. *be still my pounding heart*
  2. Our new house needs some updates. It's a lovely home in great shape but it's been lived in for years by an older couple and it needs a fresh look. That's where I come in. :) I'll be chronicling all my DIY redecorating projects, one-by-one. 
  3. I'm really ready for a new chapter in my blogging journey!
Julia's Journal isn't going anywhere, and I'll probably post more personal stories and non house-related things on this blog (including more Singleness Series posts) but my new blog is going to be such fun. In fact, I'm still building it (so pardon the blank corners) but... here it is. 


The address is!

I actually have a first post written up for you to read, plus a cute About page --- I can't decide whether it is silly or clever. Probably a combination of the two. But anyway, I just had to let YOU know about it!

Prayers for simple, smooth closings on both our old and new homes would be MOST appreciated!
Love & Blessings,


  1. Yay!!! So happy that your prayers have been answered. Can't wait to hear how Life on London Lane treats you ;)

    1. Thank you Katelyn! I can't wait to move in to our new house. :)

  2. Congratulations Julia on selling your house! My family too had been trying to move for six years and we just sold our house this spring/summer so I can sympathize with wanting to dance! ;) Looking forward to reading your new blog!

    1. Thanks Lydia! Sounds like it has been a good year for selling houses! ;)

  3. What exciting news! And that is indeed such a lovely street name. Off to pop over on your new blog...:)

    1. Thanks for visiting the new blog, Paige! I hope you enjoyed your visit!

  4. How exciting, Julia! I just recently moved too, from California to Tennessee. :)

    the other Julia Lauren

    1. You did?! That's amazing! A little closer to me now, maybe we'll get to meet one day! :)


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