Friday, April 10, 2009

Yesterday I did 30 Sit-Ups a row. :D And the best part is I'm not sore today! :) I also did 20 push-ups. I'm working on doing some reps every evening, and that's been very good for my stomach muscles and biceps. :) I've also been riding the excercise bike faithfully and continuing my diet, which I now prefer to call my 'lifestyle'. :)


Hi everyone! :)

Just a quick update to let you know that so far I'm having a wonderful birthday! I got several sweet e-cards, birthday cards, and hugs from loving family members. :) Mama made French toast for breakfast (yum!) and we're going to make a strawberry-vanilla checkerboard cake possibly around noon. :) Hopefully, if the weather cooperates, we'll be heading up to play Ultimate Frisbee with our home-church group - such nice people! :) I hope it doesn't rain!! It's supposed to be "Stormy with large hail". ACK! Not very good frisbee weather! :(

Thank you for all the sweet comments! :) You're all so wonderful. :)


  1. Hehe, that is awesome!! I seriously need some exercise...
    Happy 18th Birthday Julia!! =D God bless you!


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Julia! So glad your day is off to a wonderful start! :)

    I love doing situps! I think I can get about 50 in one set! Can't do pushups tho... :P

    HUGS and LOVES!
    The Daily Planet

  3. Hey, Julia! That's awesome!
    I'm going to start excercising again once I'm well *coughsniff*
    I was looking through an Athleta catalogue (everything in there is cute! Just not all of it's modest
    :( ) But anyway, I was like "I want to be in shape like THAT woman!" I don't like the bodybuilder look for girls, but I like the muscular but not anorexic look. :)

  4. Breakfast sounds delicious! French Toast is one of my favourites!
    Happy Birthday!
    I hope you have a fabulous day!


  5. Have a happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    I hope that your year is wonderful through and through!

    Your SSA

  6. Good for you, Julia....on the push-ups and sit-ups thing! I need to get better at building up my muscle tone in my abs! =)

    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  7. Hello dear Julia!

    Congratulations on reaching your eighteenth year! I know the Lord has beautiful things in store for you - may He richly bless you and keep you in all His ways!

    You are such a sweet friend, and I hope you have a most lovely day.

    With much affection,

  8. Happy, happy birthday, Julia! My birthday was on Tuesday ~aren't April birthdays the best? :-)

    Hope you continue to have a marvelous day, and that you grow i wisdom and grace during your eighteenth year and all of the years afterwards!! :-D

  9. Happy Birthday JULIA!
    My dad is on the weather thing right now. It's raining here! ugh! I hope I'll see you tonight. I'm sorry! not the best weather for your birthday!
    Love Allison Grace

  10. Happy Birthday sweet Julia! You have been a wonderful wuestion answer' and a encouraging blogger to me!

    Great job on your lifestyle! I stated eating NOTHING but healthy foods. I am going to try to continue on.

    I left a comment on you cooking blog, you may not have seen it, but it was question! I wanted to put a recipe up, how do I do that? PLEASE HELP ME JULIA!
    Miss Hannah

  11. Happy Birthday Julia :)

  12. Happy birthday! You were missed tonight!!

    The Frisbee Gang

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIA!!!! How does it feel to be 18? I hope you have had a wonderful day, and I hope you have a blessed year!


  14. Happy 18th birthday!! :)
    And good job on working out! I work out my abs regularly and its great! I enjoy exercising so much :)
    Yes, like you mentioned on my blog, I am probably the Romania person that you see on your feed every so often! LoL. Its good to meet you and I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!! :)


  15. Wow...eighteen, what a special birthday! I hope it was wonderful...and that you didn't get rained out!

    I know how you feel about the fitness thing. I started running about two months ago. It's really been a encouraging thing to see the results of my perserverance. I'm know able to run about 3 miles!

  16. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Hoping you had a supperb day!

    I can do 39 situps at a time. I am terrible at pushups. That is what I need to work on. I can only do 5 LADY'S pushups at a time.

    God Bless,
    Lauren Ann

  17. Hi Julia!
    Happy late birthday! I'm glad you had a good day ;) And good for you for working out...I should probably start exercising more. LOL.


  18. Hi Julia!
    Happy birthday!!I hope you had a wonderful day!

    I enjoyed your comment! I am soooo sorry about our picture! I am trying to learn how to change the coloring on my pictures and as you can see it is not going to well!Yikes! I don't think our green faces were very becoming!:)

    Much Love & Many Blessings
    ~McKenzie Elizabeth~

  19. Happy Birthday 18th Birthday Julia! Blessings!


  20. Hi, Julia!! :) This is Rebekah from the retreat. I had to come say hi, and tell you what an amazing blessing it was to meet you a couple weeks ago. You are just so sweet and such a dear new friend.

    May the Lord very richly bless you during your 18th year of life. May He reveal Himself to you more and more each day, and bring you ever closer to Him and His wonderful Word.

    Many blessings to you, dear sister!! :)

    Love in Christ,


    Hello, Breezy dear! :)

  21. Hi Julia! Happy belated birthday! =;) Sorry I didn't get over here yesterday to wish you a happy birthday. I love your new blog background and header BTW! Pretty and sparkly!=:) I hope you had a fantastic day and were able to play ultimate frisbee with your friends!


  22. Oh, and great job on working on your "new lifestyle"! I am so happy for you! Keep going! =:)



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