Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Trip to Venice

Today is a drippy, wet, gloomy November day, and in retaliation I am posting pictures of our sunny vacation at the beach! :D

*****All readers hoping for a short post, beware!*****

This is the baby blanket I was crocheting on the way there. I had finished all the blocks previously and was just turning in the ends and sewing them together on the trip. It is since completed, (I finished it on the drive home) but I don't have a picture yet of the completed afghan.
And here it is... the beach!!
Ahhhh. Can't you just smell the salt air and feel the breeze blowing through your hair and the sun on your face?
This is the ferry that takes you to the private beach that my Grandma is allowed access to because of the location she lives in. All the residents in her area and their families are allowed to visit this beach.

The weather was gorgeous while we were there, sunny with perfect temperatures of around 75 for the entire trip!
Mark is building a sand castle (and squinting in the sun as his photo-crazed sister tries to take his picture) and Steven is looking for shark's teeth along the shore.

The completed castle. Wow.

The first morning we were at the beach was quite windy and the boys had tons of fun tumbling about in the waves... click on this picture to see a larger version. I love their expressions!

Here are Mom and Dad on the ferry on the way back. (Mom was wearing my jacket because the wind was chilling her) We went back to my Grandma's house for lunch and then returned to the beach for a few hours in the afternoon.

And... me. Wearing my favorite sunglasses. ;) Daddy told me I'll always be a Florida Girl no matter where I live. :D After growing up in Florida and spending countless hours at the beach... it feels like home again when I get to visit. :)

Here are the boys on the ferry... I really like this picture of them. They're squinting in the sun but I think it turned out pretty well.
When we came back again that afternoon, the wind had picked up and the sand stung your legs when you took a step... that was one reason we didn't stay as long. I managed to get some great photos of the boys though!
Oh yeah.... the Beach Boys shot. Click on this... Mark's expression, especially, had me rolling with laughter...
Back at the house, we relaxed with Grandma on the lanai.
The next day, we drove around Venice and saw the sights. :)
Mama and I in the van... (note the fashionable sunglasses....lol)
(L to R) Steven, Me, and Mark at the jetty. Look how blue the sky is!

Sparkling water...
A friendly pelican...
Here are Mama and Daddy standing on the jetty...

Shore Birds hunting among the rocks...

On the way to Caspersen's beach I spotted a GIGANTIC Banyan tree and insisted on taking a picture. :)
Caspersen's beach is a different beach than my Grandma's private one and is one of the best places in the world for finding shark's teeth. We didn't find any there... but we did find some at my Grandma's beach! :D
Here's Grandma and a turtle...

I was fascinated with all the rocks along the water's edge!

Steven rock-hopped while Mark built yet another sand castle...

That afternoon we met with my Auntie Donna and took her to the ferry beach. While there I managed to get some great shots.

It was windy that day also, but not as much as the day before. Dad and the boys used the sifter to look for shark's teeth and shells in the surf.

I found some pretty seaweed.

That evening I got to hang with my fave cousin, Denise, when she and my Uncle Tom joined us and Aunt Donna for dinner at "Sharky's".
Denise and I
The next day, before we headed out, I got a picture of Grandma and the boys... :D They're now much taller then her.

Now, guess who tagged along on our vacation?
SURVIVORMAN! It's a family joke of ours that Survivorman (so named because we found him in the yard, surviving the elements) hides around the house. Mark and Steven and Daddy usually move him about when no one's looking, and you never know where you'll see him next! He stowed away on our trip this time.
The first thing he did was examine the case of shark's teeth in Grandma's living room. (That center one is larger than my hand!)

Then Survivorman met Brandy. (a replica of a wonderful dog my grandfather had years ago)

Survivorman stowed away in my purse when we went to Sharky's for dinner, (I think he even snitched some of my lobster) and while there, enjoyed the view of the sunset off the pier.
Then, the next day, it was time to leave.
Finally home, Survivorman discussed his adventures with his friends, Cammo-man and Igor.

Quote Survivorman - "You know, the beach really isn't all it's cracked up to be. I think I prefer the woods."
Well, be that as it may, Survivorman (and the rest of our family) sure had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh, Julia, you make me long for the beach!! I will try and not be envious of you....or maybe not =)

  2. Ah, sometimes Julia, I think you just have too much time on your hands. ;) Lol! all that "survivorman" stuff was hysterical!!!! LOLROF!!!! :D I love the one you took of him with the sunset. ;) Hehe!

    Your pictures turned out great! Wow! Your brothers really HAVE gotten taller! :) I wonder how they compare in height to mine. ;) Lol! Well, glad you all had a grand time and were able to visit with your extended family., that's always fun! ;D

    Talk to you again soon I'm sure! ;) Thanks for sharing your pictures!
    Love and Hugs!

  3. WOW! looks like y'all had an *Amazing* trip!
    You mentioned "Sharky's", where you went to eat. We went there a LONG time ago in Panama City. I don't remember what I had, but it was GOOD :)
    We missed you Sunday night at the screening of the Mysterious Islands! Hopeefully you'll see it soon!

  4. ROFLOL!! I <3 Survivorman. Hilarious.

  5. found your blog via a websearch on Caspersen beach :) Loved your pictures and comments about your trip there. Planning a family vacation to the Gulf (staying in Siesta Key) in June 2013, and Caspersen beach is on my list of things to do!

    I LOVED your picture with the banyan tree. Do you happen to remember where you saw it? I think my girls would be fascinated by it!!!


  6. Holly, yes, that banyan tree and several others the same size are located on the road in downtown Venice, FL that runs east-west out to the Jetty. Hope that helps! :D Have fun on your trip!


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