Monday, December 21, 2009

A not very short little ramble

So... this is a little post about nothing, because I don't have a lot of time to write a blog post, but I feel like I haven't posted in too long, so here you go. :)

50 things I'm enjoying right now (in no particular order):
  1. Pomegranate and sweet blossom fabric softener. Oh yeah. :)
  2. My iPod
  3. Some random Chris Rice songs
  4. Our new-to-us wood-burning fireplace insert. Warm. :)
  5. My wonderful and smart brothers
  6. Fuzzy Socks
  7. Losing weight by only eating 1200 calories a day (so easy.)
  8. Blue Sky, after days and days of rain...
  9. Sunshine!
  10. Thinking about my future
  11. Peach Tea
  12. Pretty Teacups
  13. Pink, purple, and blue pens
  14. Happy thoughts
  15. Bible verses
  16. The wind blowing through the pine trees around my log home
  17. My red calculator (and perhaps most useful tool)
  18. Elegant brown boots
  19. Down comforters
  20. Roses blooming in the front yard (yes, in December!)
  21. The leaves still clinging to the oak trees
  22. Beautiful photographs
  23. Reading my friend's blogs
  24. Wireless Internet
  25. Memories
  26. Good health
  27. Sight
  28. Computers
  29. Free fonts
  30. Creativity
  31. Fluffy sweaters
  32. Ponytails
  33. Also, my hairbrush
  34. Swarovski crystals
  35. Dancing sunbeams
  36. Soft pillows
  37. Clean floors
  38. Lightbulbs
  39. Imagination tempered with common sense
  40. Mindy Starns Clark books
  41. Velvet
  42. Paper
  43. Yarn. Always yarn!! :D
  44. Stationery
  45. Humorous comments
  46. Laughter
  47. Dishwashers
  48. Movies
  49. How I'm never bored for some reason
  50. This Day. :)
And that is all..... for now. :)


  1. Fun post idea, Julia!! I might
    have to try doing this sometime. :)

    ~ Love & Hugs,

  2. HeHe! You're so cute Julia! ;D Loved reading your list! :) "Yarn. Always yarn!!" ;D HeHe! Me too! :) Can't get enough of the stuff! ;D

    Love and Hugs!
    Merry Christ-mas!

  3. This list made me smile!
    I love those things!
    Have a Wonderful Christmas!

  4. The little things make you happy! You are just filled with joy!


  5. :D That's fun. I feel compelled to do it now. PS, congrats on being able to enjoy thinking about your future. Mine scares me far too much to be able enjoy such.

  6. That was a fun read. lol at #6! fuzzy socks! :D I think, if you don't mind me copying you, I'll do this myself...


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