Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of Songs and Hearts and Praising God

I'm wondering what has happend to the chilly weather... where I live in Georgia it's actually up to 60 degrees (farenheit) today! That's not very cold. It's supposed to cool down this evening to the 40's so ... that will be more like usual December weather. Are we really half-way through December already? Wow. :)

This morning my parents and I were sitting in the living room and Daddy put on a song and we listened to it. It was "Your Love is Extravagant" by Darrel Evans... a very moving worship song. I closed my eyes and listened, amazed at how the words spoke to my heart. Sometimes I don't take the time every day to worship my wonderful Lord, and I was thinking... why don't I? What could possibly be more important than praising my God? Certainly not my chores, or crochet, or even (gasp!) blogging! Yet I do these things instead of sitting down to have some quiet time with my Savior. It doesn't make sense, does it?

God, I praise thee
You amaze me
Take my life
And let your light shine through.
Jesus, Savior,
Friend of sinners
Fill me up,
'Cause all I really want is more of you.

^ that is not the song we were playing this morning but those words just ran through my head. I think I actually have more worship songs memorized than Bible verses... and having the songs in my heart is good, but I know I need to spend some time washed in the water of the word and hide that in my heart. :)

I hope all of you are having a blessed day!


  1. HeHe! All the cold weather came over out way! ;D BRRR!!! It's soo cold here! ;D Lol! The temperature is 48, but that doesn't include the wind chill (and boy, do we always have a lot of that!). :)

    Ah, your sweet spirit Julia is so touching. :) Hugs! Yes, I too have music flow through my head a lot of the time...but as I read more and more of my bible, those songs actually have been turning into parts of scriptures I have read. :) I'll recognize the scriptures in those hymns and worship songs I love. :) So in turn, it's like I get a 3 fold mini worship service right there! :) I get the bible scriptures, the song, and I send it as a prayer to God from my heart. :)

    But yes, it really is so easy to think of other things and be doing other things instead of spending time in worship. Especially this time of year when there seems to be so much more to do! This is the second time today I have been reminded through a blog post that I need to spend more time in my bible. :) Think God's trying to say something to me? ;)

    Thank you for your encouraging post dear! :D

    Love and Hugs! Merry Christ-mas!

  2. Hi Julia,
    Great post! You are right - it's always important to put God first in our lives!!

    Oh, and I've tagged you! I don't know if you've done it already, but you can check it out and see. ;)

    ~ Love,

  3. wow! I can't believe you have sixty degree weather! Wait, you live in Georgia, okay I believe you :) It just seems kind of strange to a mid-wester like me. The temp. here is only twelve degrees at the moment.

    I need to also take more time to praise my Heavely Father, and thank Him for all of His blessings. Sometimes our lives just get so focused on ourselves, we need to stop and take a selah for Him. Thanks for reminding us this!


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