Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flower Photos

Rain is pouring outside my window as I sit here typing at my desk. Thunder rolls, lightning crashes. It's a gloomy day! But I have sunshine in my heart, and I know the storm shall soon pass away.

And so, just for fun, I uploaded a TON of flower and butterfly and garden pictures. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them! :)

These pictures were taken at Callaway Gardens on the first Sunday of April.

Beautiful sun-kissed pansies

Peach blossoms. Oh yes.

Blooming peach trees.

This is either Eidelweiss, or snowdrops. I'm not sure.

A frilly Hibiscus flower

The fiery heart of a tulip

A slightly ragged, yet still gorgeous butterfly.

A blue butterfly resting in peace.

A small orange and brown butterfly, brilliantly illuminated by the sun

An owl butterfly reposing in a shady spot of the garden.

Crisp, oh-so-Dutch red and white tulips.

A bright profusion of double daffodils and pink tulips

Soft pink cherry blossoms

One of my most favorite spots in Callaway- petunia baskets float above a bubbling fountain 

Bright pink hyacinths pop against the dark green leafy background in this picture.

Cascading hollyhocks with open, spotted throats.

Pure, lovely, white easter lilies.

Delicate tendrils emerge from the heart of this white orchid.

Creamy yellow orchids glow with a pearlescent sheen

Tangy orange tulips, peach and yellow jonquils, ah! This is life. ;)

Light pink tulips dance in this bright sunshine.

Back at my house, I took a few pictures of these gorgeous irises with butter yellow tops and drooping violet petals.
Think that was pretty? Wait until you see...
The inside.

These peppermint azaleas also look good enough to eat! They're one of my favorite plants in our yard.

I hope you liked the pictures! Leave me a comment letting me know which was your favorite.


  1. luvly, just luvly! you took gorgeous pictures!

  2. Oh, they are all so beautiful! I love flowers! My favorites are the peach blossoms and the hollyhocks.


  3. Julia, these pictures are breathtaking! They really show how beautiful the Earth is... (if only we could stop to damage it!) Thank you for sharing these with us. :)

  4. Woah. Love these shots! Soooo pretty! Love the white orchid & owl butterful & snowdrops thingies & I also really LOVED the pink tulips and yellow daffodils. Just totally gorgeous! I <3 flowers so much... Every time I see them I wanna roll in them. :P

  5. Oh Julia-those photos are simply gorgeous!! Love 'em.

  6. That is hard... they are all so beautiful! I think I like the cute spotted hollyhocks best. :D Oh, and that owl butterfly is so pretty!

    Abby :D

  7. Oh.... wow, Julia!! These picture are just amazing! My favorite one would have to be of the petunias and the fountain. Soooo pretty. I hope you're doing well, dear friend! :)

    ~ Love & Hugs,
    Lindsay <3

  8. These are beautiful pictures,Julia, very heartwarming. I enjoyed my visit today. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Thank you for sharing these gorgeous flowers with us, Julia! It was just raining here, but now the sun is starting to peek through. Spring is such a wonderful time. :)


  10. Hi Julia!

    The pictures are so pretty! I miss you and can't wait to see you this weekend. :)


  11. absolutely stunning photographs, it is way too hard to choose any as a favourite as they are all soooo pretty! You have a great talent! Thankyou for leaving your blog open to be shared, it certainly brightened my day, thankyou


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