Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just me having a little chat.

So yeah, I turned 19 last Saturday. I don't feel a bit older, although I may joke about being 'so old'. :D What was I worried about? Mama jokes that she and Daddy made my childhood so wonderful that I didn't want to leave it. ;) It's partially true - I had an amazingly enjoyable, wonderful, incredible and happy childhood growing up 10 minutes from the beach, climbing our huge carrotwood trees, swimming in our pool, riding my bike up and down our quiet dead-end street and playing for hours on end with my two younger brothers and the little girl who lived across the street. It was truly idyllic. (well, except for the occasional surfeit of mosquito bites.) :D

Childhood, with all it's happinesses, also carried a lot of 'growing pains', so to speak. It wasn't all easy! Learning life lessons is tough! While I am by no means done learning, and I'll always be God's child, it's nice to look back and see all I've come through. Being an adult, instead of a child, will mean a lot more responsibility, it's true. But it'll also hold some of the sweetest joys imaginable. :)

Today I took a brisk walk, going twice down and up our quarter-mile driveway. I was trying to work some of the kinks out of my stiff muscles - although the walks 'up' were quite a lot less brisk than the walk 'down'... we have a rather steep gravel driveway, so in parts it's more like a hike. :D

The reason I was stiff was that the day before yesterday, Sunday, my family and I went to a get-together for some homechurches in our area. We had a wonderful time, and I was thrilled to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee with friends old and new. :D Since it was the first game I'd played in months, and I relentlessly pushed myself to the limit of my endurance, I was stiff and sore all over for the next couple days. :D But it was so worth it! I'm really competitive - always have been - and my favorite way to play Ultimate Frisbee is to race out as soon as the frisbee is thrown off, and to play the middle of the field, staying in the middle of the action whenever possible. :D So you can see why I might be a bit tired afterwards. :D

As for upcoming news, I'm going to be running a booth in the vendor hall at the GHEA convention this year for both days - consequently, I may not be on my computer for a while. (I only have about 2 weeks left to prepare!) I'm selling my handmade jewelry, featuring my all-time favorite jewelry elements... Swarovksi crystals, pearls, and fine glass beads. I'd love to see you there! :)


  1. happy birthday!

    I understand your pain from Ultimate Frisbee, i can barely walk when I play!

  2. Well, that was a lovely "chat" my dear! ;) HeHe! :D

    Being 24 now (shocker I know), I can tell you that there aren't too many years left that feel like you are getting "old"...at least for awhile. ;) I felt that way until about 20 or 21...then it just feels the same as the last year. ;) Lol!

    I know where you are coming from though, I didn't like it either...to much saying goodbye or it felt like anyway). :( But, it soon passes, and you get to enjoy being a bit more independent and "wise" and things like that. ;) HeHe! My mom liked to remind me at times when I was sad about getting older...that I had to grow up to be able to get married. ;) HeHe! That kind of helped. :)

    Frisbee huh? :) Yes, that would do it! :D Lol! Ahhh *sigh* a brisk walk sounds so lovely. :)

    Oh, how wonderful! :D I wish it was closer so we could see you there! ;) I hope you will be able to get some good business dear! :D

    Love and Hugs Always! :)

  3. Awwww man! You should come to Frisbee every week. I've noticed that when we played the first couple games that I was sore... But now I don't wake up the next morning wishing I had an airbead or something. Maybe you guys can come after the convention... I know everyone's busy right before it. :)


  4. Happy Birthday!
    I love your header! That is one of
    my favorite verses.

  5. Hi Julia! Mom had her baby early this morning, so if you want to see a picture you can visit my blog.


  6. I hope that your booth does well. Wish I could come a visit but it is a bit of a drive from Texas to your place :) Maybe I will make it someday though, someday

  7. I LOVE ultimate frisbee! I know how you feel, I've been sore many a time afetr a game of frisbee or something else like it.


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