Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Color Combination Happiness

So I was cleaning my room and noticed four shirts lying on my easy chair. They each had an equal amount of space on the chair where they were displaying their various colors. I had to stop and stare - the colors looked so beautiful together! I gathered them all up in my arms and marveled.
Then, I plopped down at my desk and tried to re-create the shades on my computer so I wouldn't forget about this color combination. It was too pretty not to share.
So I had to share it with you! What do you think?
Do you like these colors together too, or is it just me?

Also... While I was playing around, I decided to show ya'll my color scheme for my future kitchen. I've wanted my kitchen to be a soft purple and sunny yellow ever since I first found a picture of a purple kitchen in a magazine.

Isn't that cute?? :D I've already collected some kitchen supplies in the right shades of purple and yellow. (Seriously, it is not easy to find kitchen accessories in these colors) So far, among other things, I have a purple skillet and a yellow colander (strainer). :D

Also, someday, I would Love, Love, LOVE a master bedroom in these soothing colors:

And I would love to crochet a king-size afghan in these colors too. Wouldn't that look nice?

What is your favorite color combination? Do you like pink and gray, or orange and baby blue? Tell me what colors work for you. :)


  1. I LOVE your Master Bedroom colors!!! Those are exactly the colors I want in my house too :) For my kitchen, I want red, white and silver appliances :)

  2. Those are so pretty! I really do like the first combination.:D I would have never though of purple and yellow. It's very pretty!

    Some of my favorite color combinations are Blue&Brown, Hot Pink&Lime Green, and Pink&Brown! I love all kinds of colors!

    Thanks for sharing this! It was a fun post to read!:D

    ~Hannah Paige

  3. The colors you want for your kitchen are the exact colors of my bedroom. I have light yellow walls and a dark purple ceiling.

  4. I love your kitchen colors and the master bedroom ones. I like red, white, and blue together...a lot. That's how my room is done. I like purple, green, and yellow, in most shades. I love blue and brown. Or pink and brown. If you put a peachy orange and an orangey orange and white and brown together, that's pretty. I'm so thankful for color. (-:

  5. Greetings Julia!
    Lovely colors... I do like the first color scheme!
    LOL!! I would like to have a purple and yellow bedroom!:) Those two colors look so wonderful together... Sigh*

    Have a wonderful day filled with many beautiful colors!


  6. I love that last color combination! You should definitely make an afghan like that.
    I like pink and white (which is what we have in our bedroom).
    Have a great Sunday!

    Abby :D

  7. Love those blues and browns - so cool!! =)

    Hey, I was wondering what font you used for the word Journal in your header. It's SO pretty!! I love collecting cool fonts, so would you mind dropping a comment on my blog just to let me know which font it is? And if it's easy to get, the address where I can download it? That would be awesome! If not, totally fine - I was just wondering. Thanks a million, and Happy Sunday!

  8. Hey, Julia! Thanks a million for the font name and site! I really appreciate it. I'll have to go grab that one soon. My header font is called Lainie Day

  9. Oops! I didn't finish writing that comment before I published it! Sorry!


    and you can get it on this site: I do think it's my favorite font - at the moment! I also love Windsong, which you can get on, and any typewriter font!

    Thanks again!! Hugs!


  10. I love those Kitchen colors!


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