Friday, September 9, 2011

Being Green

"It's not easy being green......" or so Kermit the frog says. But according to this little guy....
Being green is pretty easy and laid-back. :)

Daddy found him out in the garden sunning himself on a green bell pepper that coordinated ever so nicely with his reptillian skin. He told me about the little lizard and suggested I get out my camera and take his picture. So I followed Daddy out to the garden on the cool September morning and snapped a few shots of the charming little fellow, who looked oh-so-relaxed lying in the sun on a nice warm vegetable.

"Who is that crazy girl taking pictures of me as I sunbathe?"

"Ah, well, I suppose she's harmless, after all."

"...might as well get back to my *yawn* - nap."

Isn't he cute?


  1. Nice pictures! :) What an interesting little critter. It looks rather adorable if you ask me. ;)


  2. He's cute! My younger brothers and sisters would be tickled to see him!

  3. He's so cute! The 4th and 5th pictures remind me of a dog.

  4. Wow! Great pictures. Oh, and thank you so much for may amazing blog makeover.

  5. Normally, lizards scare me to death, but he's kinda cute.


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