Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home from the Teach Them Diligently Convention ~ Jewelry Pics!

I'm ho-ome! *sings cheerfully*

Ahh, I can't tell you how good it is to be home again. I'm very tired from our long weekend, but it was a great success!

Where was I, you ask? I didn't tell you? Oh my! I was at the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention in Spartanburg, South Carolina!

(I was so busy preparing for it that I didn't have time to blog for a few weeks!! Do forgive me!)

I wish I had the energy to write more in this post, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so I hope these will suffice...

My booth! Signature pink curtains, cozy carpet for feet that had to stand all day (mine) and new banner identifying the whole shebang.

 But I suppose I should start at the beginning. ^ The nice bed in our hotel room... Mama and Daddy slept well! :D I slept in the fold-out couch and the boys parked themselves in cots here and there.

 Our cozy little kitchen and table that became the makeshift office/laptop platform. :D MOHL girls, I emailed and chatted with you from there! :D
 A STOWAWAY? Yes indeedy - Survivorman snuck along for the ride and quickly made himself at home. (He's an inside joke in our family. We take turns moving him when nobody's looking... you never know where he'll pop up next!)

 Okay. Back to the booth. My brothers' booth was right next door. We had something for everybody! It was fun seeing people's reactions when they found out we were related. "You're one family?" "Yep." "Cool!" :D

 Closeup of the left side!

Closeup of the right side!

My view, all day, from my chair, looking out...

The chandelier earring rack, hanging necklaces, one of my mademoiselle stands, and the samples of the eBooks.
 Closer view of the very-dangly chandelier earrings...

Up-close shot of the spinning copper necklace stand...

The mademoiselles and the back half of the left side..

The wall of necklaces, bracelet stand, and otherwise right half of the booth....

 The earring trees! My Daddy made these for me. I am so thrilled with them... this year we changed to all-white stands instead of the dark brown ones and I absolutely LOVE the look.

 Another view... Hmm, you can see the cute 'cherry-drop' set on the white bust in this shot...

 The bracelet rack!

The eBooks on CD that I was selling! (Go HERE for more information about those!)

The princess-length serpentine chains with sparkly pendants... and a few spring-like necklace-earring sets! Those all sold! ('cept for the champagne-colored square crystal pendant)

 More jewelry! And cute jewelry bags that a friend of mine makes... I was selling those for her.

A closer look at the banner I designed for my booth....

*sigh* Was going to keep this one if it didn't sell... but it did. :D Oh well. Must not be meant for me.

 Wall of necklaces... part one,



And four! Many of these are now gone... sold! :D

I am so thankful that I did as well as I did. There were some very good speakers, which was great, but distracted people from shopping, I think... :D Still! I was very impressed with how the coordinators set up the convention, it was very well done and I will be coming back (If they'll have me) ;) ... if they have the convention again next year! :)

Oh! And........

 The Warfare by Duct Tape booth!

The eBooks my brothers wrote on creating their historically-based duct tape weapons! If you know any boys, chances are, they'd love this. More info at:

Off to rest and read...


  1. How neat! All your jewelry is absolutely adorable... I want all of it. :)
    Sounds like you had a fun time.

  2. Yay! Glad you had a successful weekend! (and glad you're back home safe!) WOW, your booth is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Love how it's all set up!!

    Hope we'll see ya'll again soon!

  3. Lovely Julia. This is all lovely!

  4. I remember when you bought the pink mademoiselles. :) I am glad to hear that you had a successful trip. :) Where are you going next? Do I have to go to your booth to by your jewelry?

  5. Thank you, Abby, Allison, and Rose!! :) I'm so glad you like my jewelry and my booth! :D :D :D (there, a smile for each of you)

    Lidia, Oh, that's right! You were there when I found them at Callaway! :D Yes, you would have to buy the jewelry from me in person... if you didn't know me. :D We can work something out through email if you'd like. :D Next I will be at the GHEA convention in Atlanta. In May. :) So I have a small break.

  6. Julia, *squeal* the pictures post! At last! I feel like I've been waiting all weekend for this. :) Love all these pictures! Sooooooo p-r-e-t-t-y. :)

    Lovely, lovely, lovely. :)

  7. Gorgeousness! I wish I could get it all! :D I too wish you would sell jewelry online, for those of us who live too far away. For instance, I'm in Louisiana.;) I am an amateur jewelry crafter, and I thoroughly enjoy it. Though I think it's gonna be awhile before I can create such lovely different pieces. I recently got to set up my jewelry for the first time for a booth. It was awesome! And you definitely gave me plenty of ideas for showing it. Your displays are gorgeous. :)

  8. Julia,

    Your stuff is amazing! You do a wonderful job. My Mom met you in Atlanta GA last year and bought me you Bracelet e-book. I love it you explain stuff so well it is very easy to follow along. This time when my Mom saw you she picked me up your earring e-book I am sure I will like it just as much. Thank you for making it, and may God bless you and your Family.

    In Christ,

  9. I love all the jewelery! So many necklaces and earrings! I would be there all day! Glad it went well.

  10. Wow! This is so great, Julia! You inspired me vaguely to run out, pretend I have money, twist back the clock so I could go to the convention, and buy all your jewelry. All of it. ;) So glad you had a great time!

  11. Nobody's commented on SurvivorMan yet! :D Glad to see he's doing well. ;)

    And your booths are awesome! I like the guys side more (surprise!), but you made yours look fantastic!


  12. Wow!! Your jewelry is SO beautiful!! :) How long did it take you to make all of it?? I wish I could take jewelry I make to somewhere like that to sell it! You had it set up so lovely!! :)

  13. You have amazing talent, Julia! :)

  14. Your jewelry is stunning. Do you sell it online?

    Your display is also beautiful, too!


  15. *AGHAST* :O

    Julia. Wow.

    It's. So. STUNNING!!!!!! :D *SQUEALS* And I'm kicking myself for not having stopped by sooner to see it! *head desk* :( But, good thing these posts stay on your blog. ;) Hehe. That way I can see it NOW! :D

    The displays are so gorgeous I was drooling. Everything is so beautifully done! LOVE!!!!! the new stands! *squeals* I told Jessica, "There's no way anyone could see her booth and walk out without buying something. Even us and we know her!!" ;D LOL! {even more reason to buy it though in my humble opinion}

    SO happy the Lord gave you great success at these conventions! :D and I've been excited to see a close-up shot on your Etsy store! Pretty, pretty, pretty!

    Love and blessings my dear friend! :)
    Talk to you again soon!


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