Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'd Say, My Dear, That You Were in Need of a Project.

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Hey Readers!

I can see you wrinkling your brows as this post pops up in your blog reading list... "Who is this person again? I can't remember who she might be.... Oh! Oh yes, now I remember. That's the girl who hasn't blogged in forever!" :P

All I can do is shrug and say "I'm sorry!" :)

Since the GHEA convention, life has been just grand and full of happy things, but I haven't been diligent about blogging. That has been shelved in favor of more exciting summer pursuits. We're getting TONS of fresh produce from our garden right now and have already made several batches of mouth-watering, downright-delicious, sizzling summer salsa that is chock-full of ripe tomatoes... as well as blanching beans, pickling cucumbers, frying breaded squash slices, and making blackberry jam.

BUT. I was talking to a really really good friend yesterday and they asked me if there was anything I was working on.
To my complete surprise, I couldn't name anything! I usually have at least ten projects whirling through the air like so many spinning plates (like that one circus act!) but right now I didn't even have one.

Not a good realization, when one someday hopes to be likened unto the industrious lady of Prov. 31! :D

This has made me take stock of what I've been doing with all my time lately. Even with everything that's been going on and the usual household chores, cooking, dishes, laundry, exercising, and sleeping, there are hours of my day that aren't spent in any useful pursuits.

One of those time-suckers is definitely Pinterest. I'll admit it. I often spend a couple hours a day (stretched out in many 15-minute increments here and there) pinning and re-pinning pictures. It's a lot of fun. But is it really that important? Um.... NO. So one thing I'm going to try is to only check my pinterest feed once a day and spend only a few minutes on it. We'll see how that goes!

That being said, I thought about it and realized I do have some projects awaiting my attention! Some of which are:

  • Setting aside goods for a YARD SALE... Not only will that help raise some funds for our upcoming summer vacation - it will also help me clear out some of my possessions. I have too many clothes and need to pare down some of them, and thinking about the future makes me realize I've just plain got too much stuff. :D If we were going to move, I wouldn't want to cart all these things around with me!
  • Sewing my 'butterfly dress' ... I found some really sweet fabric at Jo-Ann's a couple of months ago that was sheer white with peach butterflies sprinkled on it. Mama and I are going to work together to get it sewn into a lovely dress, over-top of some white muslin. We also will be sewing a new peach swimsuit for me, since the one I made last year is now way too big for me. A good problem! :) I like being slimmer and feeling fit. :)
  • Looking for a coat - I need a new winter coat, the one I've got now is very nice but I've had it since I was 13 and it is beginning to show a little wear! I'd love to find a wool coat in a nice shade of warm caramel brown that comes down to knee-length, and now might be a good time to find one on sale.
  • Mark's Senior Photos... My brother Mark is graduating from homeschool High School this year, and I'll be doing his senior portrait shots to send out with his graduation announcements. That should be a lot of fun!
  • Writing! I haven't opened up my Microsoft Word docs in a really long time, and I think I'm ready to get back to working on some of my novels. I glanced through Ashburn the other day and it's really made me want to work on the sequel. :)

And... blogging. :) I've missed it and I want to be a more faithful blogger... writing at least a couple posts every week. :)

What are you working on?

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  1. Such a good post Julia! I have been so lazy lately and I know there is tons I can do, like working on my own book!:) Which reminds me... have you published any of your books? And if so who have you used? I was wondering since I will be needing a publisher within this year... I hope! Blessings- Abby
    p.s. I really enjoyed your ebooks from the giveaway on resourceful gals!


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