Monday, August 10, 2015

Stop. Pause. Rewind.

Do you ever feel like you wish you could just PAUSE life and rewind it a little bit? Not just when you do something silly or embarrassing and you wish you could fix it, but when things are beautiful and time is going too fast - and you want to let it just be a little longer?

Maybe I'm the only one. ;)

For instance, I'm thrilled that my childhood best friend is visiting me this week on her way home from a vacation in North Carolina. Then I tried to figure out the last time I actually saw her in person, and my mind went all wibbly-wobbly. It's been at least NINE YEARS. *jaw drops* Wow. It doesn't feel like that long - but at the same time it's been ages. Time is weird.

Anyway, aside from hosting one night this week, I also want to get some more written on Smoky Mountain Serenade. And then plan a tea party. I don't know, something wild and crazy like that. *giggle* While Summer's still here, anyway...

Although the idea of autumn is sounding rather nice. The heat does get a little old after awhile. And I have some beautiful sweaters, boots, and scarves waiting longingly in my closet. Can you believe they're already putting holiday stuff in the stores?! It's barely August, people, not October... :) Maybe it's strange because I'm located in the south. Perhaps seasons change more swiftly up north. Do you think that's the reason, or are shops just hungry for the commerce the holiday season brings?

Okay, blog-readers, I want your input here. What kind of posts are you interested in seeing the rest of this month? Aside from the companion series I'm doing with Victoria, (Book review, DIY, and Fashion coming up)
would you rather read...

  • A post filled with pictures of vintage teacups I recently found at an estate sale
  • A post about the characters in my upcoming novel
  • A post about my experience of being on the Trim Healthy Mama Plan since January, OR
  • A post topic that you shall suggest in the comments section

Please tell me, if you're reading this. I see all sorts of interesting visitors on my live traffic feed from places all over the world, so I know SOMEBODY's out there! ;) Don't be shy, say hi! :D I don't bite. much. ;)

Love & Blessings,


  1. Hey Julia,

    Happy to see you blogging again! I commented on your blog once before, not sure you remember :)

    I would really like a blogpost on the teacups, and also about THM, since weight is something I struggle with myself, and tips are always appreciated.

    I would also be super excited if you would do a house tour! its nice to imagine someone whose blog you read in an actual space you know… also i think it would be fun if you did a post that is something like "24 hours of my life" or "the day of julia". Where you show us what your typical day looks like, i think those are alway super fun. ( with pictures please :D )

    Oh and also, I'm always super interested in knowing what peoples plans are. I know that you describe yourself as an stay at home daughter, to me this concept is totally foreign. I would be interested in understanding more about that, and also learning what your plans in the future are, what you see yourself doing in 2-3-5 years? i hope that doesn't sound too nosy ( is that the right word?), i would just be interested in knowing more of your views, aspirations and opinions.

    I found your blog rather by accident 3 years or so ago ( or more?) and have always enjoyed reading it :)

    So happy blogging, and i hope those weren't too many ideas now :D


    1. Thank you for all the suggestions! :D A house tour might be fun... :D

      And I definitely plan to keep sharing my views, aspirations and opinions! :)

      Thanks for sticking around for 3 years, too! :D I'm honored!

  2. I guess it doesn't work to ask for them all XD Vintage teacups sound lovely though!

    1. Teacups it is, Alyssa! Thanks for chiming in! <3

  3. Ooh! I would love all of the above! Would love to hear about characters, teacups and THM! I so enjoy your blog!
    Love, Victoria

    1. Thanks, Lil'sis. :D Coming right up!

  4. Yes! I remember the last presidential election (just to pick a random example) and it seems like just last year! But it was really almost four years ago.
    I like all three post ideas... although I like writing and so the novel characters one sounds the most interesting to me.
    And you're right, in the Hobby Lobby near us, they already have Christmas stuff out! Pretty early for that, I'd say. :)

    1. Two votes for the characters... looking forward to this now! :D Oh goodness. Why does Christmas have to be rushed so badly every year?? ;) Lol!

  5. Aw, I wish I lived closer to you; I'd love to spend the day together sometime!! A tea party sounds like so much fun.
    I would love a post on either of the first 2 topics you mentioned. I used to work at a tearoom, so old tea cups are a joy to me.

    1. WELL. We DO live in the same state! We're gonna have to put our heads together on this one... it would be lovely to have a tea-party! <3

      Def going to have to post teacup pics now. ;)

  6. Well Julia, since you don't bite, I might as well say hi! ;)
    I would love to read about your novel characters!
    I also REALLY enjoyed your writing tips in your last post. Perhaps you could write some more posts about similar things? :)
    I'm enjoying reading your blog!

    The other Julia Lauren :)

    1. Aw!! So lovely to hear from you again, Other Julia Lauren!! :) I still wear your hair-flowers on a regular basis and think of you! :) I can keep the writing posts coming! :) Thank you so much for leaving me a comment. <3

  7. Why "What post would you rather read?" Why not all of the above? :-)
    I think shops are hungry for holiday sales, but since working retail I've realized that stores have to order their goods well in advance, and once they come in, why not get them out on the shelf? It's never bothered me; I love the holidays!

    1. Well, all of the above, just not all at once! ;)

      My personal opinion is that everything has a time and season - and when I see christmas decorations in late summer I get a little off-kilter, that's all! ;) I'd rather be savoring summer while it's here! :D

  8. Yes! I wish life had a pause button! What happened to the days when summer felt like an endless time of swimming, playing in the garden, and having pretend (or real!) tea parties with friends? Now I barely get a chance to think "It's hot outside!" before autumn falls. And, I agree, stores are not helping my impression of time going too quickly. I walked into my local Hobby Lobby before the 4th of July and was disgusted to see them already selling Christmas decorations.

    I think I'd like to hear about your experience on the Trim Healthy Mama plan but any of the ideas suggested sound interesting.

    1. For sure! That pause button would really come in handy, wouldn't it?

      Tea parties again. Ooh, perhaps a THM tea party?! Multitasking! ;) Anywho, thanks for commenting, Lydia!


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