Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jane Austen Heroine Poll Results:

Well, this is very interesting. I know it's a very very hard choice to choose one favorite from all of Jane's wonderful ladies, but the results were amazing! Of course I only got 20 votes, so I may re-do the poll.

Elizabeth Bennet 12 (60%)

Jane Bennet 0 (0%)

Emma Woodhouse 3 (15%)

Fanny Price 0 (0%)

Elinor Dashwood 5 (25%)

Marianne Dashwood 0 (0%)

Anne Elliot 0 (0%)

First place was Elizabeth Bennet, with 12 votes. Dear Lizzie! She's actually my favorite heroine, why, I have no clue. I very much enjoyed both versions of the movie P&P and watching Lizzie portrayed by Jennifer Ehle and Keira Knightley. I thought Jennifer Ehle looked more like my ideal Elizabeth Bennet, but Keira was fascinating as well. (Such expressive eyes!) And Matthew Macfayden was great as Darcy!! (More on that later, when I post about the guys...)

Second place goes to Elinor Dashwood, with 5 votes. I love Elinor too, I've seen two versions of Sense and Sensibility, the one played by Emma Thompson and the one shown on the PBS Masterpiece theater. I've also read the book, (I've read all the Austen books!) Which I actually didn't enjoy as much as the movies...it was a bit too drawn-out, although I did like reading it. Anyway, getting back to Elinor, We could all learn a valuable lesson from her example in patience, gentleness, and kindness in the midst of a very exasperating situation.

Third place is Emma Woodhouse with 3 votes! Oh yes, she did know everything, didn't she? :) Or at least she thought she did. How nice of Mr. Knightley to love her in spite of her abominable attitude towards her acquaintances! I've not yet seen the movie with Gwyneth Paltrow, but I did watch the version that played on Masterpiece theater once. I have read the book, which I liked! :) There's something amusing about Emma's struggle with her pride...I'm glad she got everything sorted out in the end.

Poor Jane Bennet, Fanny Price, Marianne Dashwood and Anne Elliot all are at the bottom with 0 votes! Now, I didn't particularly fancy Fanny or Anne, but I love Jane and Marianne!! Don't we all love Jane Bennet's sweet goodwill towards all humankind? I love the scene in the Keira version of P&P where Jane and Lizzie are giggling under the covers after the first ball...what a perfect picture of sisterly affection! I actually didn't like the Jane in the Jennifer Ehle version, I thought she wasn't quite as pretty as Lizzie and her breathy voice got on my nerves. (Although I profess to like both P&P versions equally!)

And Oh, pity upon our romantic Marianne Dashwood! What a scoundrel Willoughby is! True, Marianne shows a deplorable lack of common sense but still, our hearts go out to this poor, imaginative maiden! Thank goodness for a heroic Colonel Brandon who most gallantly comes to the rescue. (Even though he's much much older than Marianne, if you stop to think about it)

And how can we forget Fanny. The meek country cousin who falls in love with Edmond. I haven't read this story recently but I do remember that I liked the book way better than the movie adaption I saw...according to several reviewists there has not been a good Mansfield Park movie yet! There's a lot going on in this Jane Austen story....And I'm sorry but I don't have time for an extensive review at present! (Maybe later...)

And lastly Anne Elliot. Again I liked the book better than the movie, in the book Anne's meekness and gentleness come across as desirable virtues but in the movie we are not quite convinced. Thankfully Captain Wentworth arrives on the scene and after a bit of shilly-shallying which causes Anne much heartbreak he writes her a note telling her he hasn't lost his love for her, though it's been 8 years since he left for the sea after she was persuaded to spurn his marriage proposal.

If you didn't get a chance to vote please tell me your favorite Jane Austen Heroine! I'd love to discuss them with you. :)

AND .....to vote for your favorite Jane Austen Hero, see the poll on the sidebar!



  1. I think I voted Emma, she's always been my favorite. Mostly because everyone makes such a big deal about Lizzie, it's not that I don't like Lizzie, I just like sticking-up the the underdogs:-)

  2. This was a fun post! I wish I would have voted. :)

    I *love* Emma, probably because it's my favorite book (of all time :) and Elinor Dashwood. Mr. Knightly is my favorite hero, so I'll definitely be voting for him. "Mansfield Park" is my second favorite Jane Austen novel.

    Matthew Macfayden is the *best* Mr. Darcy. :)

    Oh, and I think you might like the Gwyneth Paltrow version -it's one of my favorite movies.

  3. Wow, two Emma lovers so far! True, Lydia, everyone does make a big deal about Lizzie! I do like that story the best...I think it is the most interesting.

    Thank you, Jasmine! I'll be sure to check out the Gwyneth version. :)

  4. How fun! I think I chose Elinor Dashwood just because I love how she is strong and does not let her feelings control her. She waited for one man and I think she is a great example for the girls of today.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Julia, for all the wonderful birthday wishes! :o) I wish that you could be at frisbee tonight, but I am praying that you have a wonderful time at the picnic and meet lots of wonderful people. I still personally can't wait to see you (seems I'm missing you already!). :o)

    With lots of love,

  5. Hi Julia!

    I finally got my computer to upload your comment page!!! *Dances with glee*

    I didn't vote ever, but I would have picked Emma, I think, because I'm like her. I'm spoiled, imagine things, and always get my way. I really NEED a Mr. Nightly!

    Your blog is great (although, I don't agree with you on the new P&P ;p)!


  6. A perfect bombardment of Emma people!! Except Joanna, her favorite is the gentle Elinor. What is it about Emma? Where are all the voters who voted Elizabeth?? :) What do you disagree with about the new P&P movie, Lillie? My criticism of the older Jane, admiration of the new Darcy, or approval of Keira's expressive eyes? I'm perfectly hopping with curiosity! :)

  7. Hi Julia!
    This is Katherine from Pure in Heart. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I hope your family had a great 4th of July!

    Katherine Cole
    P.S. You said that you found my blog from Bethany's blog. Bethany from Polished Cornerstone is my sister. :)

  8. Julia, you really don't want to get Lillie started on the new P&P!!! I like the new Jane better too, but Keria Knightly... ugh.

    Darcy is okay, but I still like Colin Firth better.

    I like Emma because she's flawed, and she really learns her leson, and the fact that she married Mr. Knightley. (I voted him on the "Jane Austen Hero poll") Next to Henry Tilney, he's the best hero in the Austen books!

  9. How was the picnic? :o)

  10. Ditto Lydia!

    Julia, she's right. You don't want to know.....Let's just say I have a big problem with how the producers\directors interpreted Jane Austen's wonderful book. I do confess that I LOVE the music. I play it on the piano ALL the time, especially “The Secret Life of Daydreams”! :)

  11. Sorry if I bothered you, Lillie! I watched the new movie before I read the book, then I read the book, then I saw the older version. So I profess to like both movies equally...but if I had watched the movies in a different order I may have had a different opinion. :) Whatever! Jane Austen is the best, no matter what you watch or read! :)


  12. Well, Julia, if it helps, I'm with you -I like both P&P's, though I (quite shamelessly) confess that 1) I do not care for Keira Knightly very much and 2) the "new" Mr. Darcy is my favorite. :)

    I read the book before I saw either movie (as I did with "Emma," "Sense and Sensibility," and "Mansfield Park"), and already had my mind made up about how everyone should be. :) It's true, though, that there were *great* liberties taken with the story line, especially the pacing of the book.

  13. Thanks for the support, Jasmine! :) Just wanted to say I purchased the 4 & 1/2 hour Jennifer Ehle/Colin Firth movie today from Amazon.com and will be studying it soon! :) I want to compare the two versions of P&P, then possibly write a review. :)
    (I watched the newer P&P lately and yeah, I see what you mean about Keira Knightley.... for one she's SO skinny, which bugged me at first, and now aggravates.)
    Anyway, toodles for now.


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