Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NEW look for the New Me!

My blog is sporting a brand new look courtesy of "The Cutest Blog On The Block"! What do you think? Cute? Hopefully! I like it pretty well, but it may change next month. :)

I have other news.
Yay! I am SO happy to be done with them, I have had braces for 2 and 1/2 years and that was too long for me! :) I had a wonderful Orthodontist who took very good care of my teeth and did a fantastic job, but braces are no fun. They hurt and get food stuck in them. So I am glad mine are gone!!

Here is Dr. Douglas Kallis affirming the decision he made a week earlier that my braces could come off. "Yep, looks like we can take 'em off today."

Here is the nurse cracking the metal brackets off my teeth - that hurt, it felt like my teeth were being pulled out as well as the braces! Then when the metal was off they had to scrape away the excess glue so the surface of my teeth would be nice and smooth. (That hurt too.)

When the hour and a half long ordeal (including X-rays and retainer impressions) was over, I was awarded with pretty balloon and a congratulatory "cake" made of candy bars. (YUM)
A closer view of the tasty treat: (no, it is not solid candy, there's a styrofoam cylinder in the middle with candy on the outside)

OKAY, I'm ready for the final verdict! :D Here is a picture of myself before my braces were removed:

...And here is a picture of me after the braces were taken off. (My dad says I look 22. :) I know I don't look that old but I think I look more mature, to say the least) What is your opinion?

I am so happy, so very happy! *Dances with glee* There is no explaining the difference of Braces and No Braces. I can actually eat chicken without having half of it shredded and sticking to my teeth with each bite! I'm allowed to eat POPCORN now, and with braces I couldn't do that. Yay!

And please let me know what you think of the new look for the blog! (If you want to change yours this site is SUPER easy to work with and they have millions of different backgrounds to choose from.) I thought I'd have to type something into my blog's main code, or something, but all I had to do was copy and paste a little code into a sidebar thingy that it explains very well how to do on the main website! This is the easiest way to change your blog there ever was! If you've been thinking it's time for a change, DO IT. I'll help if you have questions!

Love and blessings! Thanks to all the friends who prayed for me to feel better, I'm 99.9% better!

Gratefully yours,



    Congrats on getting your braces off! You look BEAUTIFUL! (not that you didn't before! :-)

  2. Oooo! Julia! I love your blog!
    And you do too look like you're 22! Well, maybe more like 17 or 18, but you look way older! Congrats! :)

  3. I love the new look, Julia!

    Oh, I remember how it was getting my braces off after 2 1/2 years myself (it does hurt a bit, doesn't it :) -don't your teeth feel so *smooth*, and isn't it nice to eat popcorn and chew gum! :) I couldn't stop smiling after I got mine off! :)

    You wrote it so well -I can *completely* identify, and, you're right, there's no feeling like it! People thought I was crazy to be so excited... (maybe I was :)

    I'm going to look around that website you linked to -this is a beautiful layout!

  4. Oh, and I do think you look older, but in a good way. :)

  5. Beautiful!!
    I love the new look of your blog, AND congrats on the braces being out--you look lovely!
    I love the gift of candy! (That MilkyWay bar looks really good!!)

  6. Yay for Julia! I love your picture with your braces off, but it's way better in person. :o) Even though I've never had braces, the pictures and your explanation of the braces coming off gave me the shivvvverrrrs. :oS lol

    We'll definitely have to have popcorn on our movie day. Have you thought of any more brilliant ideas for that? I'm kinda out of ideas right now... :oP I'll let my mom know about calling your mom - thanks for reminding me. :o)

    Btw, I like your "new" blog (new look is better...); it's really cute.

    Oh, and thanks so much for my sparkly surprise! ;o) I wore it on Sunday and loved it!!! (big hug!) :o)

    I'll miss you Friday, but I hope you have a great week!


    P.S. How are Mark and Steven feeling? I know Steven was feeling under the weather last Friday. I'm glad you're better now. (Minus 0.1%, of course.) ;o)

  7. Hello Julia!

    Thank you for commenting on my blog! Your blog is beautiful! and your teeth are beautiful too! :-D The candy seriously looks good! Do you mind if i put your blog on my "friends" list? But let me warn you, if you allow me to do so I will most likely plague you with my comments. ;-)


  8. Hey Congrats!!!
    I love getting comments from new people! That's so cool!!!Where did ya'll live in Florida???!!!
    I love you blog! And you know Mia Halton and her family? My family and I went to church with them before we moved here! I just love that family and she is truly a sweet young lady!
    Well I had better go.
    And I hope to hear more from you!

  9. Oh no I don't mind, go right ahead!!!
    I lived in Jacksonville my whole life until last summer. I agree with you on the heat issue and I love having actual SEASONS!!!
    You know?! =D
    And I do miss the beach oh so much!!!!
    But we have family still there so we visit very often.
    Well hope you are having a good day!

    you can email me at


  10. Wow, Thanks for all the comments, everyone!! Replying to Madison...I'm actually 17, not 22! :)
    Replying to Jasmine...Yes! My teeth feel SO's very nice after the scratchy metal!! Thanks, Jasmine, for saying I wrote it well. (I have a very high opinion of your judgement!) :)
    Replying to Mia...Thank you! And I love Milky Way bars...they're definitely one of my favorite candy or chocolates. (Snickers too!)
    Replying to Joanna...Thanks! And your teeth are gorgeous, don't change a thing! You don't need braces!! (experiencing braces gave me the shivers at times too!! thankfully I can tolerate a lot of messing with my mouth...)

    Mark and Steven are just about back to normal. Steven has a tiny lingering cough which will probably be gone tomorrow.
    See you next week for Frisbee, Joanna!

    (In case anyone's interested I replied to Joelle and Alyssa on their blogs)

    It seems like everyone loves the new blog look! Hurray! I want ya'll to keep coming back, so my blog has to meet with your approval! :)

  11. heey Julia, I love you're new look! I perhaps need a braces too! but I don't know if I want to! because it is only for one tooth! You look beautiful !
    I love you
    you're Dutch friend Ciska:)

  12. I Love your header picture! Did you just change "Written by Julia some time around" or have I been missing that all along? Anyway I really like it! I've been wanting to change mine to something special.........Can't think of anything though.

    Conratulations on finally getting rid of your braces!
    You look like an actress!!! Very pretty!


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