Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Temporarily Out Of Action

I'm sick! (Cough-cough-wheeze) I'm running a high fever, currently 101.4 , with a throbbing headace and extremely sore throat. I dragged myself out of bed to sneak over to the computer and let my blogger buddies know why I've been silent!

I will be posting soon with some exciting news...right now I'm not up to doing it justice and loading the required pictures.

Please pray for a speedy recovery...I'm miserable!
And now I return to bed rest....


UPDATE: (Friday the 18th)

Thank you for all of your loving prayers! :) I am now feeling much better, thought not completely well.

UPDATE: (Tuesday the 22nd)
Okay, I'm doing better! I had pinkeye for about four days (After the cough subsided a bit) so I could not take the crucial "after" pictures yet...so I believe I will have myself photographed tomorrow morning so you can see the drastic difference. :)
Then I promise I will post more! Actually, I'm thinking of starting a challenge, at least 1 post EVERY DAY for a week! I have lots of subjects piling up that I need to do, so this seems like a good way to catch up! :)
Anyway, see you tomorrow morning.....


  1. Julia,
    I hope you get better soon! I will pray for you.

    Katherine Cole

  2. Get better soon! I hate being sick!

    Love and Prayers,

  3. I hope you get well soon Julia!! I wish I could send you some chicken soup! :-)

  4. Oh, Julia, I hope you get better soon! How are you feeling today? I'm praying for you and I send my love!

  5. Yeah it's no fun being sick :-( Especially in the summer when there's so much to do!
    Get well soon!

  6. Hi Julia,
    I'm sorry that you've been sick! *Thinks to self* I hate being sick!
    BTW, I can't remember if you sent me any pics. or not, I think you did, I'll have to check, but if you didn't, (when you feel better of course,) please send me some as the closing time for sending them in is drawing to a close soon!

    Talk to you later,

  7. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, Julia, and hope you'll make a complete recovery very soon, so that we can read your thoughts again! :)

  8. I'm glad you're starting to feel better Julia!! TTYL!

  9. Hi Julia!
    Please visit my blog, the Photo Taking Contest is closing in five days, I have posted some new information about it, so please drop by!



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