Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Driver's License Test Results:

 The news you've been waiting for... the result of Julia's Driver's License Test! Well... it was a rainy, drizzly, cold, grey day and Daddy and I went down to the DMV and the person took my picture before I was ready (thankfully it didn't look too awful) and then the instructor and I went out to take the test, leaving Daddy waiting inside.

Oh all right! Long story short - I PASSED.

Thank. You. God.

Incidentally, have you ever tried parallel parking an 18-foot F-150 truck in an 18-foot parking space? Me neither. :D I didn't quite pass that part. Which sort of bummed me out - I practiced so much on that parallel parking (using a 21-foot space and caution cones) and I had it down cold, and then to go knock over three (out of maybe 12?) cones on the test... sigh.

 My score was 80, and I only needed 75 to pass. Double *whew*!!! :D

I sort of feel like this little fella:
"One... small... step... for... Mankind, ... one... huge... leap... towards... Julia's... future."

Here I go! :D


  1. *SQUEALS!!!* I TOLD YOU you would PASS!!!! *JUADE!!!* *HUGS* :D Yeah! Hurray! Yippee!!! :D *more hugs*

    :P I hate those official pictures...they told Jess and I not to smile for our i.d.'s and we look just awful. :( Oh well.

    Don't feel bad about only **3** cones dear...you did just fine! ;) And you passed and THAT is the important part! :D

    *giggles* Aww, that is a funny and cute picture. I feel like that sometimes too! ;D I bet you feel better now though that it's all over with! :)

    Love you bunches!
    Congrats my friend!

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm so glad you passed! :)

    Happy driving!

  3. Congrats! That's exciting! I remember when I passed mine. It was such a relief! ;)

  4. Ha ha ha.... Good job Julia! lol, love that bird picture by the way!

  5. Yeah! You go Julia! I love the picture of the bird BTW. He's so cute! :)

  6. Rachel,
    *SQUEAL* (HUGS BACK) I did it!!!!! Hurrah!! I am sooooo happy about passing that test. Now I'll never have to do it again.

    Thanks, Abby!!

    Thank you, Lauren! Yes, I am immensely relieved... I cried a few tears of joy and relief on the way home, actually!! :D

    Thank you Allison! :) I like that picture... I snatched it from my friend Rachelle's blog - *whispers* - I hope she doesn't notice - ;)

    Blessings, everyone!! :)

  7. Whoops, just got your comment, Rose! Thank you! It is a cute-wutie widdle birdie.... ;)

  8. Congratulations!! Don't feel too bad about the parallel parking; I think everyone has trouble with that one.
    I know everyone else is saying it, but I love the bird picture-it so describes my life at times.

  9. Congratulations, Julia!
    Like the bird picture!

  10. Congratulations! I am hoping to take my drivers lisence sometime between Jan. 18 and April sometime (depending on when my parents are willing :D) and I am extremely nervous. I haven't even tried parrallel parking yet :/

  11. Hey Julia,

    Congrats on passing the driver's test! :) That's awesome.


    (from Radical Revolution)

  12. Wow, how exciting! This is indeed a big step! May the Lord bless you and protect you as you begin this new journey!

    In Christ,

  13. That is wonderful Julia! My kids can understand your plight of driving a big vehicle for your driving test. We have a 15 passenger van! Thankfully they took parallel parking off our state tests. Bethany had to do it, but not Katherine. The bad part here was that you HAD to pass parallel parking or you flunked the whole test. Kinda silly, I think because no one really parallel parks nowadays. Tell your sweet mom "hello" for me.

    Mrs. Cole

  14. Yay, Julia!! So happy for you!! I really did not enjoy taking my test. I get SO nervous for stuff like that. I had to drive a bigger car too. My tester commented, "That's a pretty big car for such a little girl"!

  15. Thank you everyone!! :D

    Mrs. Cole and Bethany: Ha-ha! That is very funny. I AM glad that I did not have to take my test in a 15-passenger van! :D


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