Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tally-Ho! I'm Off...

I'm off to Florida to visit my Grandma. Daddy and I are taking the truck down to her city, stopping on the way to go out to dinner with my Uncle Russ and his family. I'm also going to be giving my cousin Katie her wedding present a bit early. :) (Pictures will be coming soon...)

Sadly, the weather will not be conducive to swimming at the beach or basking in the sun. It's going to be a little chilly, just like it has been here in north-ish Georgia. Perhaps this will allow more time for me to take pictures! :D

Uh, speaking of chilly, it was 27 degrees when I woke up this morning. A little COLD. I grew up in Florida, after all, and when it dips below freezing, I begin to feel like a cold-blooded creature that desperately needs some warmth flooding into it's veins!

Anyway - Daddy and I leave tomorrow morning at no later than 8:00 AM, leaving Mama and the boyz to hold down the fort. (hey, that'd be a good band name, Mama & the BoyZ.) ;) Don't worry, we went grocery shopping today and picked up a couple new movies and some special snacks (Oreos, anyone?) to keep them happy while we're gone. :D

I will be internet-less for three days. So if you're expecting an email from me (as several of my friends are at the moment) I'm sorry, it might not happen until Saturday! :(

See you when I get back! Oh, and there will be a post popping up from me on Meditations of His Love on Friday morning that I'd love for you to read! Check back then to see it. :)


  1. i hope you have a delightful time, julia! we just got back from disney world and it was in the upper-70's lower-80's when we were there...so weird for me! because like you, i woke up to it being 22 degrees outside this morning. ;) i hope you have a blessed week!

  2. Yes, it's been FREEZING today! brrrr!
    Hope you have a great time visiting your family!
    Looking forward to some pictures... : )

    In Jesus,

  3. You are all talking about cold and I am longing for snow! Normally in IL we have had LOTS and LOTS of snow by this time and I am longing for spring but this year we haven't had any!

  4. Thank you, girls!! See you when I return...


  5. Have fun and hope your trip goes well! And, yes, Mama & the Boyz does sound like good band name :D


  6. Hey Julia!
    Wow, a trip to the sunshine state...yay! Wish i could've gone along and visited my uncle and his wife. Assuming, that is, that you're going the direction they live in.:)
    We're heading up to KY for a friends' wedding this weekend so i'm expecting some even colder weather!:(
    Hope you have a great time in FL!
    Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!(a few days late:)

  7. I "stumbled" upon your site when I searched for colors to pair with orchid yarn. Your blog is sweet. The afghan you made for your cousin is inspiring. I'm currently making an afghan for my niece--shades of orchid. Glad to see a young and talented crocheter out there!


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