Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Newsy Little Post #3

Hi Readers!
First of all, I changed the background. :) PLEASE, if you have my pink button on your blog, could you switch it to my new one that matches this background? Thanks!
Yes, I know, it's not technically 'Spring' yet, but....
I have daffodils blooming in my yard.

I felt so overjoyed to see their sunny faces pop up outside our house. :) Don't you just love spring? Who doesn't like feeling the earth awaken and the warm breezes and seeing the grass turn green and hear the birds singing? :)

But while I spin these airy fancies about spring, the fact remains that it is February. So, to help combat the slight chill still in the air, I have my...

Leggings! These soft, fuzzy leggings were not always leggings. They were once the sleeves of a cashmere sweater that we found at Goodwill. (while on vacation in Michigan, actually.) Mama separated the sleeves from the sweater and added blanket-stitching around the 'bottom', and yarn through the top that you can tie. (To prevent the leggings from falling down) And we had leggings!

Modeled by me. :) The shoes are from Wal-mart, just about the only place to shop in my teeny town besides the Home Depot. :P

Hoping for Spring,

I'm currently: Working. :)


  1. those look really warm! I like the background! I am ready for spring; I hate curling up on a couch because I am cold!

  2. Julia,
    You have been featured on my blog, for your post about blog buttons. I couldn't have made my blog button without your help, so thanks!


  3. Lauren Ann,
    They are! :D Thanks! Me too. I know... it's so much nicer when the couch isn't cold!! :)

    That's wonderful! Spread the news!! :D It was so thrilling when I found out how to do that... :) I'd love everyone to know how to make blog buttons! :)

    Stephanie L.S,
    Why, Thank You! :D I thought so too. :)


  4. Aw a beautiful sight! I love your new layout. Looks wonderful!!

    Also, those legwarmers are just too cute and go nicely with your shoes!

    Miss Jocelyn

  5. Dude!!! LOVE the new background! It is so adorable and vibrant! The leggings are real cool, and the shoes are SO CUTE!

  6. I can't wait for Spring Julia!! That is when the fun begins:) The animals all give birth (!), the flowers start to bloom, and the weather warms up!!!!! Right now, in the cold, I stand by our wood stove a lot...I do school there and everything~


  7. Very cool! I don't have any of those, but I am constantly wearing my mothers old leg warmers from when she took/taught ballet in highschool. They are so warm and practical, it is a shame they don't make them like they used to. Mine are felted wool.

    I think I'll swing by a thrift store to grab a sweater and try to make my own! Thanks for the great idea.


  8. those are too cute! ;)

    I am soo ready for spring and flowers and sun and warmth! :)

    YES! I did get the earrings and have been SOO enjoying wearing them! I am sorry! I thought I told you I received them! :P I plan to blog about them!
    HUGS! and LOVES!
    The Daily Planet


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