Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please Cast Your Vote

Okeydokey, I have a favor to ask. Please, take the time to give me your opinion with one click! I have a new poll at the top of my sidebar that I would really like you to vote on.
I'm trying to decide if I want to change Julia's Journal to three-column. (To see a three-column blog, look at my cooking blog) I think I 've found a good way to do it. :)

Please vote!

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  1. Hi Julia! I voted! I had a question. How did you get your poll to look like that?
    Miss Hannah

  2. Hi Miss Hannah,

    Thank you so much for voting! :D

    Quite simple, really, I just went to and created a free account, then created the poll! You can choose from lots of different poll styles to use. :)

    Miss Julia

  3. I voted that I would like to see 3 columns, but what ever you choose I am perfectly okay with.

  4. Hello Miss Julia!
    I voted as well. I also had a question....where did you get the pictures that you use on each blog post for 'I'm feeling:'?
    ~Kimberly Ruth

  5. Lauren Ann,

    Thanks for voting! :) Good to know you'll be okay with what I do. :D

    Kimberly Ruth,
    I got the Jane Austen "mood" pictures from this place...

    Just be warned that some of them are inappropriate. :S


  6. Hi Julia! I just wanted to tell you that I loooove the new blog design! It is so pretty! Great job! -:)


    P.S. - I don't care if you make it a three column blog or not, I like both ways! (I know, I know, not helpful!) =;) I DO like it the way it is right now, but then again, you WOULD have more room fro all of your buttons, categories, etc., etc. I like how Jessica and my blog is in three columns because it gives me more room to put things on the sidebars without making it look too crowded. =:)

  7. Hee, hee. I use that word (okeydokey) too! And have hardly ever heard someone else use it too!! :)

    I found your blog through Mia's blog (aspiring-homemaker). I am also 17, and love to read and crochet too :) I have enjoyed looking at your blog...and will most likely return :) Oh, yes...and bookmark it so I won't loose it :)

    Your daffodils look delightful! We really don't have any signs of spring here in Indiana yet. I love spring flowers!!! And, matter in fact...spring too!!! :)

    Well, I turned a comment into a letter :-D Now I'm off to check out your cooking blog..I love cooking!!!!

    Have a great day!!! :)



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