Thursday, January 7, 2010

This is a request for your prayers for our car...

Firstly though, I have a story to tell behind the request for your prayers. :)

On Tuesday afternoon, my dad and I drove up to an HSA ( gathering hosted by my good friends Anna and Mary Catherine, and there I got to meet around 20 other young people between the ages of 18-29. We had a such a blast hiking, doing some archery, playing bag-toss, board games, and Never-Have-I-Ever, and enjoyed a hearty chili supper! :) That was wonderful and the girls and guys I was able to meet are so friendly and nice and real. Wow. :) For me, that was incredibly encouraging. 

On the way home at 8:30 pm, (about halfway home on our 1-hour drive) the car started acting in a very disturbing manner. Daddy and I were chatting away when suddenly we felt a huge LURCH! Then it felt like the vehicle stopped running for a moment, then kept going. We looked at each other in dismay. The car felt fine for another few moments, then it did it again. And again. And again! All with an interval of a few minutes or so in between lurches. It kept getting worse each time and the dashboard lights started to flicker when the lurches came. It seriously felt like the car had, well... hiccups! But this wasn't a laughing matter.

We prayed that it would stop so we could get home and that we would be able to make it back to Mama and my brothers safely.

The car actually died twice on the way home, but each time Dad was able to pull off safely and we didn't have any chance of being hit by passing traffic, but it was still very unnerving. Once Daddy had pulled off, we'd wait a minute or two, then start the van again and it would run, and keep going.

We made it home safely and drew huge sighs of relief upon reaching the carport and parking the van!

The car is in the shop today and the mechanic called and told us that he can't figure out what is wrong with our vehicle because it sat there and ran for two hours with no problem, and even when he drove it around the lot it didn't do anything strange. When he first got it off the tow truck it died, so he knows we're not faking, but he only has a few vague ideas what could be wrong with our contrary car.

Please pray that we can find out what the problem is and that it won't be too expensive to fix! Your prayers would be very much appreciated. :)
Love & Hugs!


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your car! I hope the problem can be figured out, and that your car can be fixed simply!!! Love,

    Mary Catherine L

  2. Praying! I know what that like! Oh, so sorry all that happened! How terrifying! I am soooo glad you and your dad got home safe and sound! (((HUGS!!!))) Love you!

    I will ask my dad (who has fixed all our vehicles and knows lot's about this kind of thing) if he knows what it might be for you! :) If he does, I'll send you an email okay! :) Love you and hugs! I'll be praying hard for you!

    Oh, and I am glad you were able tog o to the HSA thing and have a grand time with godly young people...sounds like a blast! :D

    Again, love and Hugs!

  3. Ooh, I hope the car will be alright!
    I'll pray for y'all!

  4. Oh, I'm glad you and your dad were able to make it home safely, Julia!! I hope the problem can be found and fixed soon!

    ~ Love,

  5. Ooo, I know how frusterating that can be. I'll be prayin'!

  6. Sorry about that. While we were in Iowa this summer our car stopped working too and we ended up taking a rental home. The car part place couldn't find out what was wrong with it....figures. lol
    It ends up it was the head gasket...whatever that means. =)

  7. Still praying! Give us an update when you have one.

    You know, the trouble with me getting an email when you have a new post is that I tend to read through it in the email and not come here to comment! I'll have to work on that...

  8. A van with hiccups? Hmmm. It kind of sounds like my little Jetta when it's cold outside and her transmission is acting up... I'm glad you made it home safely! I hope it is fixed soon!
    Kate :)


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