Thursday, January 21, 2010

What to do when the guy in the music store is staring at you

A Quiz. ;)

You walk into an unassuming little music store with your mother. Three guys are inside running the store and one of them spots you coming in and quickly moves to the counter before the other two can get there. As you walk up, he says "Hi! What can I do for you?" Your mom has some questions to ask about a microphone that will record voice and piano and transmit the sound into a laptop, so she talks to the very helpful young man for several minutes. The young man is very polite, answering everything she asks and getting several different microphones for you to inspect, but meanwhile he keeps shooting little glances your way when your mother looks down at the microphones on the counter.

Do you:

A. Smile prettily at him
B. Frown at his forwardness
C. Assume a very bored expression 
D. Hide behind your mom
E. Smile politely and look away
F. Say that you forgot something and retreat to the car outside

When your mother is finally done talking about microphones, she asks the guy where to find voice training books, and he says "Right this way", walking out from behind the counter and leading you over to the book room. (He could have just pointed it out to you...) He then begins to look through the drawers to help you find your books, even though all the drawers are clearly labeled and you could have easily found the 'Voice' section all by yourself. He jokes that the bookkeeper would know more about the books than he does, but shows you where to find the voice books, and then finally leaves you to peruse the selection.

While waiting for your mother to find any books she might want, do you:

A. Tiptoe over to the door to the book room and peek out at the guy
B. Hide in the corner farthest from the entrance and cover your head with a piano theory book
C. Engross yourself in a contemporary christian songbook, shutting out the world for a while
D. Walk around in circles
E. Note that there is now "Twilight" music and feel disgusted at the obsession people have with it
F. Do jumping jacks in an attempt to get the guy's attention

After a mere four or five minutes, the overly attentive young man returns and says "Are you all finding everything okay?" Your mom says yes, and that you are about done (There wasn't anything there you needed) And she begins to walk out. The young man leans an elbow against the wide doorway, and as you walk out a few feet behind your mom he looks directly into your eyes and smiles.

Do you:

A. Swoon
B. Slap him
C. Burst out laughing
D. Smile and keep going
E. Stop and ask him if he needs a map, because he seems to be lost in your eyes
F. Bolt for your car
G. Look at him like he's weird

When you reach your vehicle (finally!) and tell your mom that you think the guy kind of liked you, she is surprised, because apparantly the guy wasn't obvious enough to attract her attention...(or he was subtle enough when trying to flirt with you that she didn't see him) also she was distracted with the microphones, and then searching for a voice training book. You laugh about it together and she remarks that they probably don't see pretty girls in there very often, and so when you came in they all went "ooh, look at her, and wow, look at that hair!" ... (as your hair falls so long that you can sit on it)... So you laugh, and forget about the whole thing....... right?


And yes, this happened to yours truly, and no, I didn't flirt back or hide. (Surely you didn't think I would??)
I actually think I handled it rather well.
I just couldn't resist doing a blog post on it! :D


  1. Well, the hide thing seems like a good choice..or the slapping him.. ;) LOl! Just kidding. :) But seriously, similar things have happened to before. Not fun. I was with my dad though, so I felt very protected and figured the guy was just trying to get dad to buy something. ;) So I didn't read too much into it and I don't allow myself to try to make eye contact at all, and sometimes look disinterested in what they are talking about (which is usually true, Lol!) and sometimes walk away. ;)

    I'm glad you could laugh at it though. Those things tend to bother me sometimes. :P It's annoys me actually, and sometimes it can seems downright rude. :( You're too much of a fun-loving and strong young lady to be bothered though. ;) Thus the reason you couldn't resist a funny post. :D HaHa! Hugs! :D

    But it IS a good lesson at the same time, we really ought not to encourage young men like that when they are trying to get our attention, and yet, we can not be rude because we are Christian young ladies. :) Sometimes it's hard to know what to do, so I hope this will be an encouragement to others. :) Thank you for sharing your story! :D

    Love you!

  2. I usually take too long to figure it out. O:) So, I smile politely and nod...because well, it's polite. I might even say hi or bye. Then I usually go about my business (or, politely join in conversation,'s probably rude to just ignore the poor person) and then if/when it gets weird I'm like "oh" (here I thought they just enjoyed talking to me :P) and start to give excuses ("I'm taken" "I can't date" "Actually, I need to get back to ").

    I think I err on the side of politeness, which can get interesting if the guy is crushing and thinks you're encouraging, when really, you were just chatting because well, it was polite...and you're a people person. O:)

    Though now, with this nice ring on my finger, I don't get that much - and if I do, I'm just like *laughs* yeah, well I'm actually married.... ;)

  3. Big Sister x 5 + more soon!January 21, 2010 at 3:28 PM

    That's so funny!

  4. How funny! and awkward... it happened to me at a book store. But instead of a mom to laugh with when I get back to the car. I had a little(and completely oblivious) brother in the store and two more waiting out in the car.
    Lets see, C, E and then B. :-)

  5. Hahahaha. xD That's rich, Julia. I really enjoyed the format you did this little post. I've definitely been there done that. So often I don't ever catch on and am just being all polite and chatting or something and then freak out when he starts asking me out. xP It is so hilarious though--but only after that fact. When it's all clicking in my slow to process brain I'm generally kind of annoyed.

    Oh! I'm totally supporting the "feel disgusted at the obsession people have with" Twilight. It's ridiculousss! Gosh!

  6. Amanda and I were joking the other day that when guys stare at you you turn around with your eyes of a bit crossed and smile cheese-ly. That should ward 'em off. LOL

  7. Funny! :) My answers would be E, C, and G. Isn't it SO annoying and agravating when that happens? And kind of creepy, too.
    I was at the mall with my grandparents and this security man (not a policeman) was being WAY too friendly. He smiled at me and joked around. He asked our names, where we lived, and what school I went to. We told him our town (since we were in it and it's quite large) and thankfully I was able to say I am homeschooled! We got out of that store as quickly as we could; it was kind of scary. And this was not a young man, he was probably thirty. But God was with us and nothing more happened. PTL!!


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