Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Very Exciting News!! New Shop!

I am exceedingly pleased to give you...

JandKdesigns! A fabulous new Etsy shop that my dear friend Kierstyn and I started together!

Kierstyn and I go way back. We've been friends ever since we were about 3 months old in church nursery together. :) We grew up going to the beach together and having the most wonderful time dancing together in ballet class. There were several occasions that we performed choreographed worship dances to songs like Shout to the Lord on stage together. When I moved up to GA we lost touch, but last year Kierstyn looked me up on white pages and sent me a letter. Ever since, we've been in close contact, catching up on each other's lives. Then, Kierstyn got a bright idea.... Scarf and Earring sets!

We have combined our talents of crochet and jewelry design into one amazing place.  Kierstyn and I have matched up sets of her scarves and my earrings to make something splendid. :) Here are a few samples:

Now you just HAVE to go take a look. :D


  1. They are ever so beautiful! When i get the money (im saving) I'll just have to buy that sweet blue set!! ITs just my colours! great job!

  2. Beautiful, Julia! :-) Y'all picked out the perfect combinations!

  3. Oh, those are beautiful ladies! :D I love the pairings! :D They are splendid! I wish you great success with your etsy shop dears! :D

    How sweet and special to be able to catch up with good old friends! :D That is wonderful! :D

    Love and Hugs!

  4. WOW!!! Congratulations!!!! I am glad you and your friend could start this together. :)

  5. That looks wonderful! I might have to get one of these sets for my older sister.

  6. Thank you for your very generous offer. I wouldn't even know how to change the header if I got a new one. :( I went to cutestblogontheblock and found a background I liked, but I couldn't get it to work right. I figured out how to add gadgets and change colors, but I can't find a poll gadget that you can vote on without being signed in. Thank you for all your help. Any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated. :)

  7. I love the green set! How pretty!! :)

    Oh, and I've awarded you, Julia!
    Check out my blog for details. ;)

    ~ Love,


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