Saturday, July 16, 2011

I had a Brownie for Breakfast today...

I had a brownie for breakfast today.
And why I did it, I just couldn’t say,
But I played very hard on a field yesterday
It was Ultimate Frisbee on a rainy Friday.

We had so much fun in the mud and the grass,
I almost didn’t mind that my team came in last
We tried our hardest, but all to no avail,
And alas, when we lost, I held back a wail.

Afterwards, we cleaned up, and then we went back
To the house and the kitchen for a yummy snack
But the room was so crowded with Frisbee fans
That I hardly could get to my brownie pan.

I managed to grab one, but it was so small,
I felt that I’d not had a brownie at all.
In two bites, or less, it was gone from my sight
And then we drove home through the darkening night.

I rode home with Daddy; Mom was in the van,
Zipping along in our ‘Dodge Caravan’
Containing our brownies, so I had no chance
To fulfill my longing for chocolate romance

And when we got home, I felt like a dud,
I jumped in the shower and scrubbed off the mud
Then flopped into bed, and though I wasn’t mad,
I was remembering muscles I’d forgotten I had

But I fell asleep, slept all through the night
Then awoke just to see in the bright morning light
That I’d slept in so late that it wasn’t so early
I’d slumbered in bed until nearly 10:30!

At once I got up and went into the kitchen
And then once I got there – what did I see?
A shiny pan of brownies just waiting for snitchin’
Sitting there, calling and winking at me

I lifted the foil, and oh – there they were
Beckoning, and promising much tasty pleasure
So what’s my excuse? Well, what can I say?
But that I had to have
A brownie,
For breakfast,


  1. I was practically *screaming* with are too cute! :D This was soo much fun to read and I was laughing so hard at your brilliant rhyming and the chocolate brownie craving coming over me! ;) HeHe! *applause* *applause* You should win an award! :D

    Thank you for sharing this funny, lively, and informative post. :) I missed you when you weren't blogging so much. Ah, it's good to have you back! ;)

    Love and Hugs!

  2. Lol! *takes a bow* Thanks Rachel. I'm very glad you enjoyed the poem! I was kind of surprised at it myself... I don't think I've ever even tried writing a poem before in my life, but I got the idea for it today and just went with it. :)

  3. Ha ha, that was really funny! For never writing a poem in your life, that was VERY impressive. You should write them more often!
    Thanks, that was really fun to read! =D

    P.S. Yeah, I don't think I know ANYbody named Julia, in person! When I saw that one Julia had already commented on a blog belonging to a Julia, I was like, "Well, I ought to comment, too!" ;-)

  4. Hey Julia M! Why, thank you! :) I just might try more when the impulse hits again. :D If it does. :) Which it probably will - that was fun. :D

    ...and I'm so glad you commented! I always love meeting new friends and it's really neat to meet someone with the same first name. :) I hope to see more comments from you in the future! :D


  5. You can just call me Julia if you want to. (Though I am fine either way.) I just added the "M" (it's the first initial of my middle name) to distinguish myself from any other Julias that might comment. ;-)
    I like the pictures you take! I would love to become a good photographer someday. I am going to be taking a photography class at college this fall, so that'll be one step towards my dream. I'm happy about that. =)

  6. You do make the awesomest brownies, my dear!! And the poem was great, too!!
    Your Mum

  7. Love, love, love it!! So very cute and creative my friend! :)


  8. You like chocolate? :O Chocolate is only for boys. Remember that. ;)


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