Sunday, July 24, 2011

UFO- Ultimate Frisbee Obsession

Last Friday, we drove an hour away to the Frisbee field, where we had a most stirring game of Ultimate Frisbee. The temperature was a balmy 90-something degrees and the air was so humid that it felt pleasantly like thick pea soup against your skin. (:P) The sun gently toasted our faces and made us radiate the heat back in return. By the end of the game all our T-shirts had gone a shade darker with perspiration.

But it was so worth it.
Ultimate Frisbee? Bring it on! :D

A view of the frisbee players walking back after a point had been scored. If you know me you can probably spot me in this picture.

The opposing team waiting for the throw-off to start the next point. Boy, there were some really awesome players there this week! Look at all the tall, lean guys.

A leaping catch by 'Frisbeeman'. See the little guy in red on the right? He was awesome - he caught like 4 or 5 points!

V. leaning into his throw, and making sure he gets it off before Sky can get in his way. (There's my brother Steven in the background. )

The frisbee flying down into the end zone with little D. in hot pursuit!

The frisbee zooming towards the knot of players in the end zone again. (Note the water bottles near the orange cone marking the corner of the end zone... a very necessary part of Ultimate Frisbee in the summer)

Everyone relaxed but alert, waiting for the girl in yellow to throw a pass. (I'm in this picture too. Hint- I'm wearing pink) The tall guy in cutoffs in the middle of the shot is my brother Mark.

B. making a catch just before M. can jump in to block her.

Best shot of the game - Frisbeeman himself about to throw with Mr. T ready to block him if he can. Look how excited all the players in the background are... ;)

End zone - Lil' D. is reaching up to catch but I think the man behind him blocked this one.
Me getting ready to throw behind the zealous attempts of Sici to block the pass...

Oooh, I wish this pic could have been a few seconds earlier. M. and Frisbeeman went up for the frisbee in the end zone but M. yanked it into his grasp before Frisbeeman could get to it... here they are coming down.

A cool (If slightly blurry) shot of one of the girls about to catch the frisbee.

Mr. H. about to catch the frisbee. Sky is trying to thwart it but Mr. H. got in front and made this one, despite his broken hand!

Uhh - not sure exactly what's going on here, for the frisbee is almost certainly behind someone, but it must be exciting 'cause I'm running. So glad I put my hair in a bun for this game... it was hot enough already without wearing what feels like a long fur scarf down your back! ;)

Here's Steven getting ready to throw off a long bomb.

Arrrgh! I could have maybe made this catch IF I had dived for it, but I've never done that before, and wasn't confident enough about it to attempt it in the split-second I had to make the decision. Plus I sorta didn't feel like getting grass stains all over my Guy Harvey T-shirt. ;) Sky (on my right) almost had it but the frisbee ended up landing smack dab between us. Rats. :P

I guess you could say I both won and lost... for the first 1/3 of the game or so I was on the team that ended up losing, and then I got traded to what ended up being the winning team for the last 2/3rds. :) My brothers were each on one of the teams, so at least I got to play with both of them. :D I love playing Ultimate Frisbee, regardless of the outcome - but it's fun when you have a hand in the win. :D

If you live in Georgia and like to play Ultimate Frisbee, you should hop on over to Frisbeeman's blog and read about the games that go on almost every Friday.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. It looks like your frisbee games are tons of fun! I've played ultimate frisbee a couple of times. It's usually with my uncle, my dad, my cousins, and my younger siblings, so I'm the oldest 'kid'. We usually play more to have fun than to win, which is nice because I'm not very athletic and I rarely know what I'm doing. ;-) Still, it's always cool when my team wins!
    My dad really enjoys gardening, too!! He has planted a mini orchard on our property boasting ten or twelve apple trees, several apricot trees, a plum tree or two, and three peach trees. (Actually, the peach trees have all died, which makes me very sad. Peaches are my favorite fruit.)
    We have twenty chickens or so. Our two roosters are named Chubby Cheeks (he has some really puffy feathers on his face, below his eyes ;-), and One-Eye Junior. One-Eye is named after his dad, who really did only have one eye. We don't have him anymore, though. I think "Oddly" is a hilarious name for a rooster!
    It's funny how many similarities we have besides just our names!

  2. Hi there, Julia! :D

    Oh, I like playing for fun too, and I tend to prefer smaller Frisbee games. Too many people, and it seems like everyone just throws the frisbee to the really good players. :P

    Your orchard sounds lovely! That's too bad about the peach trees. :(

    Your roosters' names are SO funny... That *is* interesting how many similarities we share! :D


  3. Fun frisbee game! Love all the pics of you guys. : )


  4. Hi Allison! I'm glad you liked the pictures - my dad took most of them and my mom took a few of the first ones. :)


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