Sunday, July 31, 2011

Announcing Seven (days) Of Skirts

SOS! Calling all girls, ladies, feminas, and women!

Our culture has almost seen the extinction of a very rare breed of person. Nearly nowhere to be seen, this type of human is very close to being wiped out completely. So difficult is a sighting that when one does catch a glimps of this unusual specimen of humanity, the stares and comments like "So, are you mormon or something?" or "You must be a homeschooler." from bystanders nearly drive it back into hiding.

This disappearing person is a woman.

A womanly woman. A feminine, chaste, discreet, modest woman! A godly woman who cares about obeying the commands of the word of God and the minds of her brothers in Christ more than the pressures of the world that try to influence her to dress seductively and immodestly, following after the trends in Hollywood's movies and New York's runways.

I've been inspired to do a little project I call SOS, or "Seven (days) Of Skirts". I know this is incredibly short notice... but occasionally I like to do things spontaneously. Impulsive, perhaps, but it adds spice to life! :)

You are welcome to join me in this project. Here's what I am doing:

I will wear a different skirt every day for seven days. I will prove to myself and whoever happens to read my posts each day that being modest CERTAINLY doesn't mean being frumpy and ugly and unattractive. And for fun, I'm also doing a different hairstyle with each outfit.

I happen to believe that you can also be modest in pants, capris, and knee-length shorts (like bermuda shorts) as long as they are not tight (Tight clothing is NOT modest. I get so sick and tired of seeing girls wear tight-tight-TIGHT clothing and still claim they are 'modest' because they aren't showing any cleavage or their belly button.) But that's a different topic. :D Anyway... I chose to do this project and wear only skirts with my outfits.

If you think about it - when you see a silhouette of a person wearing a skirt, you would think right away that the person is a female. If you see a silhouette of a person wearing pants, you have to study their shape to discern whether the figure is a man or a woman. Especially if they have short hair.

Feel free to join in this project even if your day 1 is my day 6 or 7. It doesn't matter when you join. The point is to do seven days of skirts, even if your days don't line up with the calendar week.

You are more than welcome to use the SOS header at the top of this post with your posts as long as you link back to my blog with this link (you can do hyper-link format)

And I'm thinking of doing a SOS in the Fall when I'll give you huge advance notice, so don't worry if you don't have the time to work up blog posts for this challenge.

So here goes Seven (days) Of Skirts! SOS!

Day 1:

Skirt: Handmade by my mom
Shirt: Hand-me-down, I think originally from Target
Hairstyle: A bun, done with an EZbun hairpiece (see
Shoes: Wal-Mart

Jewelry: Jewels by Julia :)

Long skirts are so flattering. :)

 EZbun hairpieces are a great idea, but they're very difficult for me to use as I have hair that falls below my hips in length... so when I use mine, it becomes a shabby-chic-'messy'-bun! :D But who says everything has to always be "perfect"?

Usually I do not care for profile shots of me... but I liked this one. :)
 Isaiah 26: 3
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Have a wonderful week! (I know I will!) :D


  1. You look lovely! So classy and well-dressed. Love you hair, it is beautiful in a bun.

    ~Mrs. H.

  2. Thank you, Mrs. H! I'm glad you liked the first outfit and hairstyle... :) I do like wearing my hair in a bun, it's very comfortable and is a great hairstyle to use whether I'm dressing up, or getting ready to clean the house! ;)


  3. Ah, I love the E-Z Bun. :) Use mine all the time! And so many hairstyles you can do with just one! :)

  4. Very true, Charity U! I can't do some of the styles with my hair, but there are so many ways to use the e-z-bun hairpiece! Definitely a great invention. :D

  5. Oh, I think it would be fun to do a skirt week, but the sad truth is that I only own three skirts, total! And even out of those three, two of them are highly impractical for me to wear out here in the country where I'm traipsing around cuddling kittens and stuff. =(
    I definitely agree that the girls in this day and age should dress WAY more modestly. Some of the things I've seen other teenagers wearing...*wince* If only all of us girls could realize our true worth and value and dress accordingly! It's the heart that matters, not your appearance.
    I try to dress modestly - even though I haven't felt convicted to not to wear pants - and I'm very much a girly-girl, but for some reason my preferred way of displaying femininity hasn't taken the form of wearing skirts. I lean towards other things like lace, jewelry, flowers, and pink and purple. =)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your skirts, though! I loved today's pictures! =)

  6. Hi Julia M!

    I understand - sometimes skirts aren't practical for some activities (I'd definitely never play Ultimate Frisbee while wearing one, for example!) :D

    I have not felt convicted to wear only skirts or dresses, although I know some very sweet people who do. It's just not what I've felt God telling me to do. There are absolutely other ways to be feminine and modest without wearing a skirt... sweet, pretty jewelry, the colors you wear, the way you style your hair, and others. It's just easier for me to be distinctly feminine while wearing a skirt.

    And so true - it is the HEART that matters, like you said. Once our hearts are turned towards modesty and purity, our exteriors will reflect it. :)

    Glad you enjoyed the pictures! Stay tuned for more! :D

  7. You look lovely! :) I just found your blog I love it!!


  8. Thank you, Victoria! I'm glad you like my blog. :) I hope you'll come back soon! :D


  9. Hi Julia!
    This is such a good idea... I think I may have tried it before, tho I can't recall. I would love to do it, tho I don't even know if I own enough skirts now to do so. O.O In any case, I am definitely going to be checking back on your blog to see your skirts! It looks like such fun. :D
    And btw, I love the way the EZbun looks on you. I almost got one of them up at the conference but didn't. I'll have to get one next time. ;)
    Looking forward to seeing all the skirts!


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