Saturday, February 23, 2013

Just Fine, and How Are You?

Hey Gang! That is, readers. Friends, followers, and lurkers, I greet you all!

Life has been pretty humdrum-ho-hum for me the past few weeks. After the crazy rush of prepping the house, traveling to Alabama for the Lego Brickfair convention, and a few sporadic, frenetic "QUICK-CLEAN THE HOUSE-WE HAVE A SHOWING!!!" sessions, I haven't actually had much going on.

Me? NOT busy? What is this world coming to? ;)

It got to the point where I started feeling crabby after a few sweet people asked me "So what are you doing/what have you been up to?" (not crabby while I was talking to them. I'm always nice when I talk to people.) *grin* - and it shocked me. Why was I so annoyed that I didn't have some smooth answer to give them?

I am not justified by what I'm doing. My busy schedule (or lack thereof) doesn't make me any more of a person than someone who has less things on their to-do list and calendar. I am not a more valuable human if I can rattle off an impressive number of extremely interesting activities I've been involved with lately.

That being said, once I sat down to think about it, I have been doing some neat stuff. :) Besides the usual routine of cooking our delicious meals, washing the dishes and laundry that five adults generate, and keeping the house bee-yoo-ti-ful (or at least cleanable-within-fifteen-minutes) I...

I changed my profile picture on facebook! WHEW! Huge accomplishment there! *wipes sweat from brow*

I painted my fingernails silver... (The reason you only see two is because the others were chipped by the time I got around to taking a picture of them) 

I have been enjoying the GORGEOUS winter sunsets we've had while the leaves are bare outside our back porch that faces west.

I (and Mama, we make a great team) successfully made the most delicious, healthy, scrumptious, 100% whole-wheat bagels you've ever seen. I very much enjoyed learning the secret to these yummy baked goods and have savored having one for breakfast every day, generously spread with cream cheese. ;)
Besides these fun things, I've been working on some blog and graphic design for two good friends that happen to contribute to the devotional blog I wrote for. And I've been brainstorming some new free backgrounds to put on my blog backgrounds site! Hint.... they will look something like this:
And this:
And last but DEFINITELY not least, I have been trying some new workout routines! Which are working fabulously and are oh-so-fun into the bargain. But more on that in my next post. Stay tuned! :)


  1. Yay! I love your blog backgrounds, and those look like they'll be adorable colors. :) Looking forward to it!

  2. I thought the bagels looked scrumptious!! I have been on a one month diet(for fun) and have been off of all starches and sugars, so right now I am craving bagels or the like. It was the wrong thing to see right now ;)

  3. The bagels look yummy! What wheat do you use and is there a recipe you follow to make them?

  4. Thank you all for the comments! :D

    Katelyn, we ground our own whole wheat flour right from the wheat berries, and we used the Bread Beckers recipe. I will share that really soon! :)


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