Sunday, June 29, 2008


Last Friday my family and I drove an hour away to the wonderful city (Which shall remain nameless) where Joanna and Sarah and Justus live. There we ran around like crazy on a large piece of land covered in grass, chasing with all our might a large plastic disc that flew through the air. Occasionally the disc would land in the hands of a participant and they would start its flight again. There were two sides to the battle of around 10 side was victorious over the other in the end.

Can you guess what we were up to? We were playing ULTIMATE FRISBEE!! A game like soccer but with a frisbee instead. (My title, U.F.O, stands for Ultimate Frisbee Occasion) Wow, what a blast that was. We had so much fun! Starting at 7:00, we played until 9:00 pm. then went back to our gracious hosts' house for refreshments.
I brought a snack mix with the delightful name of "White Trash", of which I will shortly be posting a picture and a recipe.

After the snacks and much-appreciated water and lemonade, all the kids went outside and played "Ghost in the Graveyard" which is basically hide-and-seek-tag with a few frills for extra thrills. (you have to count 1:00, 2:00, and so on up to 'midnight') Justus nearly frightened me out of my wits by jumping out at me from behind a shadowy bush! :)

After having a wonderful time my family and I drove the hour drive back home and got there at about 11:00.

And I discovered that I had so much fun that I had forgotten to take any pictures for my blog! So you will have to just use your imagination. :)

And remember.....I love comments!!!



  1. Your blackberry jam post reminded me of Meg's experience in "Little Women"... only yours *did* "jell". lol
    I found your blog from Kenzie's, btw.

  2. LOL! I loved your explanation of "Ultimate Frisbee". I hope that you guys can come fairly often! :o)

    Patiently waiting for that recipe...

  3. Sounds like that UFO game was alot of fun!
    ps) You've been tagged! Check out my blog for details ;)

  4. Hey Julia,

    It sounds like you had fun!I love playing outside!:]lol

    Thanks for all your comments!


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