Sunday, November 2, 2008

Online Viewing of Come What May- Must See!

"Come What May" is an absolutely fantastic movie. Right now on Godtube you can watch the whole thing for free.

I loved it and I highly reccomend that you check it out.

It was made by over 40 homeschooled students who were mentored by a handful of professional filmmakers. It's playing for free today on Godtube and has been for the past few days... I'm not sure how long it will be free to watch online, probably only for the rest of today, November 2. I earnestly encourage you to take the time to watch this.

The basic plot revolves around a college student named Caleb, who is figuring out what he believes. Caught in the middle between a pro-choice mom and a pro-life dad, he has to make a decision on what he wants to do in a difficult situation.

While this movie is primarily about abortion, there were lots of sub-plots that keep it fast-paced. Also, they kept it very discreet and quite appropriate.

I have to add that I love the way they portrayed the relationship between Caleb and his law class partner, Rachel. While they didn't come right out and say the word "courtship", Rachel was a great example of a biblically feminine young lady, comitted to keeping herself emotionally and physically pure until she found the man she would marry.

The first thing that plays is the trailer. It'll really whet your appetite. After that, two "must see scenes" will probably automatically start playing. You can skip those - you'll get them in the movie. After that the movie will play in segments. They will automatically keep playing through to the end. The movie is about 1 hour and 30 minutes long.

SO worth the time to watch it! Please watch this!


  1. I know,don't you just love that movie!!!

  2. Cool! I am going to watch it right now! Thanks!

  3. Come What May is a great movie, I really enjoyed it!


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