Monday, November 17, 2008

Respecting Younger Brothers

I've discovered an important thing... and I would like to share it with you. :)

So here goes.

I am currently working really hard to stop ordering my brothers around. They are 14 and just-turned-13, respectively, and they've always been smaller than me because they're three and five years younger.

I realized lately that I have had a habit of wanting to correct and control and manage everyone else. I've been convicted. Not condemned. Conviction comes from the Holy Spirit, and it's a positive thing. Condemnation comes from the great accuser, the devil, and it is the opposite of conviction.
I have been convicted that I need to respect my younger brothers.

Just because they're younger doesn't mean they're not young men.
They deserve just as much respect as a friend's brother would.

My "little" brothers are fast turning into men. One of them is only about half an inch shorter than I am. (And I'm not short) They are also maturing spiritually and mentally.

Someday they will be husbands and fathers. If I respect and honor them now, then someday they will have a much easier time taking their place in their own homes as the leader and head.

There's also another benefit that would happen from this good behavior. When I marry, as I believe that is God's calling on my life, I will be better able to love, listen to, respect, honor, and obey my husband... because I'd be used to being the one who is a helpmeet. That is a wonderful thought - and it's true! :)

This is why I am earnestly trying to treat my brothers as young men, not just 'little brothers'.
These are my brothers - Steven(left) and Mark(right). And they approve this message. :)

Have you ever had difficulty respecting a brother? I would love to hear how you overcame this in your life.



  1. I guess this one's always been an easy one for me, for which I am incredibly, eternally grateful to God for. My brother and I have always been best of friends and we rarely disagree, and, when we do, it's never over something trivial. Since my brother has gotten older I've had to learn to let him lead in some things instead of me (like when Dad and Mom are away). As I've learned this important lesson, it's been amazing to see the growth and maturity in his life, as well as my own.
    Just a snippet. :o)
    Anyway, thank you for the absolutely lovely comment on my blog. You're truly a kindred spirit. :o)
    Oh, and one of the things I've discovered makes the brother/sister relationship work really well, is to make yourself interested in the things that they are interested in. If you try really hard at first, after a while it becomes a true interest of yours and you really do enjoy it. For example, my brother really likes sports. So I made myself interested in sports, too. Now I'm hooked. ;o) That may be an understatement, whole right arm is soooo sore from several hours of volleyball over the weekend. It's the same with sisters (even though you won't have to "worry" about that...:o) a matter of fact, I'm off to sew with my very own sister. :o) (We're making skirts and matching vests and S is making a dress right now. I'd loooove to show you when we're finished.)
    Anyway, thanks for the encouraging post and keep at it! Having a God-ordained calling to be the big sister is such a huge responsibility, but at the same time a HUGE blessing from our Heavenly Father.
    Love you, Julia! Missing you, too,

  2. Oh Julia this was beautiful and so true - especially for me. I have a younger brother, 11, who I have learned not to boss around because he is becoming a young man and will not need me as a women always nagging on him. My mother read me an article on this a while back and I got the point, though I do mess up! :P

    I would love to post this (with a link to you of course) on the site if you will permit me to. :)


  3. Wonderful post! A great lesson to all, and I truly hope that many will benefit from this post.

    My oldest daughter has much the same problem with treating her younger sister as a "little" sister.

  4. Hi There!

    Thanks for the awesome comment! :D I can see how you get along well with your brother...he's really nice. :) That's SO true about interesting yourself in what they're doing...unfortunately my brothers(so far) haven't been interested in much besides legos. Mark is starting to develop an interest in ancient history...and I've been reading the G.A.Henty books right along with him - so that's been fun. :)

    Miss Jocelyn,
    I'm absolutely thrilled that you loved the post! You are completely welcome to post it on your site...that would be wonderful! :D Thank you so much! :)

    Thank you! :) I have always wanted a little sister... but I am glad that I have my two brothers. The house would be really lonely without them. :D


  5. Julia,
    I found you webstie through Jasmine.
    I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this post!
    I am 15 and have 4 brothers(!), but my 13 yr. old brother and I are the closest.
    I struggle all of the time with trying to be 'in control'...:-)
    I think that it is a self control issue! We *can* control the way we speak,think, or act towards our brothers(especially with God's help!).

    Thank you for this great reminder!

    In Christ,

  6. Hey Julia! Great post! with three brothers, my patience is constantly being tested. This was really encouraging! btw, I love the picture at the top of the post, did you take it?

  7. Hey there,

    Nice to meet you Taylor! :D Thanks for leaving a comment!

    Thanks, Mia! :D
    I didn't take the picture at the top... found that while searching flickr or somewhere... it is really pretty though! :)



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