Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Tag

I have been tagged by Amber over at her blog, Horseygirl! :)

For this tag, I am to list 10 things that I'm thankful for. A nice Thanksgivingy thing to do. :)

  • 1) I am thankful for my God, who loves me and cherishes me in such a caring way. I am learning to rely on Him more each day.
  • 2) I am thankful for my family. I love each of them so much!
  • 3) I am thankful that I have several opportunities for selling my jewelry right now... online and also in a real shop. This is really wonderful for me because I had to take it out of somewhere else that closed down, so this is God's way of showing me that he's still providing for me. :)
  • 4) I am thankful that my family and I have food to eat and clothes to wear. As Americans, I think we kind of get a mindset that we're "entitled" to certain things... clothes, food, healthcare, a car... but No. These are gifts from God. There are millions of people out there who will probably go hungry on Thanksgiving day, and I will not. This is a huge thing to be thankful for.
  • 5) I am thankful for my country. Yes, I know, America has lots of problems. So does everyone else! Considering that no one is shooting at me because I am a believer in the Lord Jesus, and my country doesn't have a mandatory 1-child limit on family size, and a host of other things... America looks pretty good compared to a lot of places in the world.
  • 6) I am thankful that I made a commitment to save myself for my future husband, both physically and emotionally. Someday it will be the most precious thing to be able to look my husband in the eye and know that he is he only person who I gave myself to.
  • 7) I am thankful that I have been raised as a homeschooler my whole life. I love being homeschooled! I am sure that by being raised in my home I escaped a lot of pain and heartache and peer pressure that would have resulted from any type of outside schooling. Not to mention that my parents were much better able to instill their biblical values and convictions to me than if I had been away from home most of the day.
  • 8) I am thankful for my life. So far I've lived to be 17 and a half years old. Millions of babies today are killed in the womb and never get to see the light of day. I, however, was born to wonderful loving parents. For this I am exceedingly grateful.
  • 9) I am thankful that I have all my five senses, all my limbs, and am perfectly healthy except for a common cold once in a while. This is also a gift from God.
  • 10) I am thankful that I stopped to do this tag and name things I am thankful for. It was rather eye-opening to sit here and type a list of things I've been blessed with... I should do this more often. :)

I tag:





(I encourage Ella to do this, but she is not officially tagged)

and anyone else who wants to participate! :)

I probably won't post tomorrow, so ...




  1. Hi Julia! Thanks for tagging me! I enjoyed reading what you are thankful for! Very good points. :)
    Have an awesome Thanksgiving!


  2. I was going to do a thankful post tomorrow....I will just do it in tag format =)

  3. Awww....thanks for the tag! Fantastic things to be thankful for! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Hey you have been given an award!
    check out my blog for details!

  5. sure you can!!!! and you are welcome!


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