Sunday, January 11, 2009

Button Instructions, Books, and Boo-Hoo...

First of all for the Boo-Hoo...

I am very saddened by the New York Giants' loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. They really didn't have a good day today... Eli, I am very sorry to say, was not on top of his game.

So enough about that.

Now, second thing I have to share... I found a NEAT WEBSITE where you can read many different books online for free. You can download them to your computer. And you can print them, if you want the cost of all that paper and ink. Check it out!

Okay, so now we get to ... The Part You've All Been Waiting For! :)

Instructions for making a blog button

  • First you have to take a picture and re-size it... I think 200 x 200 pixels is the biggest you can get it and still have it fit on your sidebar. My image is now that size. I used Olympus Master to get mine the exact size that I wanted. If you can't do that you can click 're-size' once the picture is on photobucket. "Small" works. *TIP* A square image works best.

  • Next you have to upload your re-sized picture to, or another picture-hosting site. you have to create a username and password. But it's free.

  • Copy and paste the HTML of the image to an HTML/javascript gadget in your sidebar. On Photobucket, all you do is wave your mouse over the image and four different codes will pop up beneath... you'll want the third one down.

  • Now you have to get tricky and change the code. Don't worry, I will tell you exactly what to type where. -if you used photobucket- Your code will say .. something like a h r e f = http / / : 'the photobucket username' Right there you erase it and put in your blog address. (right after the address it will have a line / and a question mark ? .
  • Copy and paste this:

and put it in a "Rich Text" gadget in your sidebar. I put mine just underneath the button. Erase the 'your text here' and copy and paste the code from your button into that exact spot where the 'yourtexthere' was. And you have a button! Hope this helps you out. I am SO BUSY that I don't even have time to post a jane austen picture!!



  1. I'll have to check that online book website out. I have a cool website where you can listen to books being read online. It's in the public domain so they only have books that do not have any rights to them. They have several of Louisa May Alcott's books and well as Mark Twain and other older authors. Here's the website.

  2. Hey, I was bummed too. So now both of the teams I root for are not going to the Super I won't even bother watching it.

    I have to admit, I enjoy seeing girls post about sports....besides me! =)

  3. Thanks for posting about the blog buttons Julia! I am sure you have started a 'blog button revelution'!

    Anyway~I was sorry to hear that the Giants least they're not 0-16 like the our Lions. :P/:(

  4. Hi There...

    Abigail (or Lydia, whoever that was) Thanks for the website! We'll be sure to check that out. I think the website I was using is linked to the one you shared! :)

    Sniff! Yeah, tell me about it. :P I hope the Cardinals beat the Eagles next week. My dad and I like Kurt Warner because he's a Christian. :)

    Meiner Family Member,
    (perhaps Shannon?)
    You're welcome! If you have any further questions I'd be happy to answer.
    Oooh, ouch. Yeah, I really feel bad for your lions. That's an NFL record that I don't think anyone wanted! :D


  5. HeHe yeah it was me-and I see I spelled revolution wrong! :(

  6. I did ry photobuk (or howerver you spell that) but I don't want to give my address. Is their anyway else?

    sorry couldn't help myself:)
    I really don't take mush interest in football its just because of the Superbowl coming up.
    The button making thing is cool!I will have to check it out.

  8. Interesting! Thank you for sharing! It sounds a lot faster and easier than how I made mine! haha! I used a different site...

    ~ Kira

  9. I was pretty sad when I found out they lost. :-( Now football is boring because none of my teams are in it. So Now I just have to wait for the superbowl.


  10. Hey...

    :D Well I didn't notice! I see it now though. :) That would be neat if I did start a button 'revolution'! :D

    Lauren Ann,
    I think you have to give an email address for just about any picture site... but maybe you could ask Kira how she did hers? (Her comment is 2 below yours)

    I like the Steelers too! "Big Ben", and all. :D I was happy when they beat the chargers! :)

    You're welcome! You might want to tell Lauren Ann how you did yours... did you have to give an email address to make the button?

    I know, it's so sad. :( I really think they're a better team than the Eagles, so I was crushed when the Giants lost. :( But I hope the Cardinals make it to the super bowl. I like Kurt Warner. He's a great guy. :)


  11. Thank you so much for the the button help Julia! I have been wanting to make one for the blog but couldn't figure out how! (I am NOT a computer person). I will try it this way, hopefully I can figure it out! =;) Also, thanks for the book site, I am going to look at it right now!


  12. I went to the website, to try to find a book. I just had to ask, What is a 'Etext_No.'? I have no clue about it, I am no computer whizz.
    Hope You Can Help,

  13. I've been boo-hooing ever since the Colts lost the first week of the playoffs. I'm glad those Chargers are out... and then our beloved Coach Dungy had to retire Monday on top of everything... I didn't even know about the Giants yet... Sigh.

  14. Hi! I have one do you get a Rich Text gadget?


  15. Answers for:

    Kristin Alexander,
    I have no idea what an "Etext_no." is! Sorry! :)

    It's simple. Go to your "layout" page. Make sure you're on "page elements". Click "add gadget". Click "Rich Text". Type your text in there and you have a rich text gadget! :D Hope this helps!

    Miss Julia

  16. This was immensely helpful, Julia! Thank you so much! I've been wanting to make my own blog button for a while and now it's up...just one question, though. I think I did something wrong because the box with code so others can copy and put the button on thier own blog doesn't seem to want to work. I went to layout, created another gadget beneath the picture-turned-button, and put it in what is in your box, except I changed 'Your text here' to the HTML that was in the button gadget. So now I have two buttons on my blog. Any tips?


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