Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow...Let Us Not Freeze...

In one week my family and I are driving all the way up to Michigan to visit my grandparents, aunt and uncle, and my cousins and their children. :) Above is a picture my aunt sent us of some of the snow they had recently... yikes. :D My two younger brothers are SOOO excited about actually building snowmen, snowforts, and having snowball fights! Woohoo!!
I, on the other hand, realize that all that snow means one thing. *COLD*!! And we grew up in South-Western Florida. Also my brothers and I have never seen more snow than just a light dusting once in Tennessee.

So I'm really hoping I'll be able to cope with the weather conditions! I'm planning on taking plenty of warm sweaters, thick fluffy socks, scarves, and mittens, a warm down coat, and yes... long underwear... so I think I'll be as prepared as possible. :)

Do any of you have tips on staying warm in cold weather? I could use some!
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  1. Lower Michigan or Upper Michigan? Sounds like fun. Normally I wear leg warmers under all my pants/skirts/pajamas whatever I happen to be wearing when I visit my grandparents in Michigan.

  2. well, let me see. When you go out to play,(if you will be out for long) wear two layers of socks in your boots. Everytime I play in the snow, my toes are the first to feel it. Make sure you wear a scarf, and I think that is my advice.

    Lauren Ann

  3. You will have lots of fun! We won't let you freeze! :-)

  4. We went to Colorado in the winter I wore two pears of long-jons under my clothed!

  5. layer. a cami under a long sleeve shirt under a tshirt is good, and wear socks all the time. Hot chocolate or tea is good too, just don't eat ice cream. ;)

  6. Ooh brrrr....stay bundled! ;o) And have lots of fun! And a safe trip. :o)

  7. Have a safe trip, Julia! Stay nice and warn! You'll have lots of fun in the snow. Whenever it snows here, my Dad likes to take all of us sledding! We always have a blast!


  8. Hi Julia! I don't really have any more advice (there were some great tips above!),except wear warm layers and drink lot's of tea and hot chocolate!!! =;) I hope you and your family have a wonderful time and a safe trip there!


  9. Hey everyone...

    Sorry it took me a while to reply! :D We've been busy hunting up all the gloves, hats, scarves...etc.

    Lower! But they get the lake effect. It's supposed to be a high of 9 degrees the week we're there. EEEEEeeeek!!!

    Lauren Ann,
    Oooh, good tip. :) I'll be sure to wear lots of socks and a scarf. (Maybe even one of those hoods with holes for your mouth and eyes!)

    Yeah...well...that's what I'm hoping! :D Love you.

    Hmm... two pairs of long johns might not fit under my jeans... but perhaps if I wear knee socks that might help. :D Thanks for the tip!

    Hey girl! Good tip... you should know, having been to Maine and survived... :P Hot chocolate sounds wonderful! (Roflol!) Uh yeah... I'll avoid the ice cream!! :D (hahaha!)

    Thanks!! I will! Can't wait to see you again when I get back!

    I'll try! :D I do think we're going to have a lot of fun in the snow... I'm going to videotape a lot of it! We're planning on going 'tubing' at this huge hill... should be fun!!!

    They were good tips! :D I'll be sure to wear lots of layers! :D Thanks!



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