Friday, January 9, 2009

Mysterious Symbols

This is so interesting and I just had to tell you about it!
(Note: only works with the fonts 'Times New Roman' and 'Arial')

You can add these symbols to your posts, or anything else, for that matter! Simply type the LEFT "Alt" key, while simultaneously pushing a number or numbers located on the 'numpad' on the right side of your keyboard. (not the numbers at the top of your keyboard.)

Smiley face☺ is Alt, 1
Heart ♥ is Alt + 3
Diamond ♦ is Alt + 4
Club ♣ is Alt+ 5
Spade ♠ is Alt + 6
Bullet • is Alt + 7
Bullet ◘ is Alt + 8
Music Notes ♫ is Alt + 1, 4
Sun ☼ is Alt + 1, 5
Try it and see!

(Oh, and keep entering the jewelry giveaway!)

Currently I'm: Enthralled in a good book. :) It's a wonderful place to be. :D


  1. How neat Julia! :D
    Oh, and indeed, it is so wonderful to be caught up in a book. :) What book are you reading? Right now, I'm reading an amazing bio of Jane Austen! I'll probably finish it this month, so you'll get to read my review about it in my book review post... :)
    I'll "see" you later!


  2. How fun! I love learning new computer "skills"!!

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Hey Julia! I just got your comment! :) Don't worry.....I had plenty of trouble getting mine to work, too! :) I would love to help you by commenting, but Blogger doesn't let you type in unfinished html. (Which I would need to use in order to show you what to type to get the text box) So I think I'll try to post it on my blog and see if that works! :)

    In HIS name,

  4. Enthralled in a good book...Me too. Alas, it is not to last. What with school and the like coming. Thanks for the tips with the jewelry again! I hope to list something soon.

  5. that is cool, I didn't know that. I was wondering how people did it!

  6. Hello Julia! My name is Abigail and I found your blog through Pecan Pastures which is my cousin McKenzie's blog. I enjoy looking at your blog and all your beautiful things that are on it. I really like how you have the Jane Austen pictures at the bottom of each post. Would you mind telling me where you found the pictures? I love Jane Austen and have a whole blog just about her! Would you mind if I followed your blog? Its very beautiful! And i love how often you post.
    Many Blessings,

  7. I see you used the music notes for your music! That is soo cool! Can you only use this on blogger?

  8. Hi Everyone!

    Indeed it is! Right now I'm reading an old childhood favorite... a historical fiction series called "Adventures of the Northwoods" by Lois Walfrid Johnson. Can't wait to see your review!!

    Me too! :D You're welcome. :)

    Thank you SO much! I think I finally figured it out! Now I just have to monkey with my button design. :P

    Books are wonderful! :) You are so welcome, girl! I hope my advice helped a bit! Good luck with selling your jewelry! :D

    Lauren Ann,
    Yeah, isn't that neat? I don't know how many other places you can use the symbols... but I know they work on email, so maybe it works nearly everywhere? I'm not sure. :D

    Hi there! Nice to meet you! Sure, I'd love it if you followed my blog! I'm glad you like it!! :) :) I will visit your blog and leave you the address to get the Jane Austen pictures there. :)


  9. Oh, how neat!

    I like the music notes! Those are cute!


    ~ Kira


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