Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Here Come The Fireworks

So I thought I'd try something new and upload a few videos, as well as pictures, of the sparklers my brothers and I lit last week on our driveway in front of the carport.These two are some of my better shots. Not so blurry. :)

This is one of Steven's sparklers. (Do take a minute to watch it, it's not that long)

He was so excited about the sparkler! It was quite funny. :) I love his enthusiasm.

Okay, well... I was going to post a few more videos but that one took SO long to upload that I think I'll stop with that! :D



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  1. Haha!! Oh wow, I absolutely LOVED the video Julia! :D It's so funny to hear someone for the first time. Because I've seen pictures of you and your brothers so many times, it's so funny to actually hear all of you talking. :P
    I know, aren't sparklers so much fun? I love messing around with those things. :) Last fourth of July, we got together with some friends of ours, and we had the most amazing fireworks, plus the fact that we had two or three boxes of sparklers. :) We had the best time!
    Looks like you had a lot of fun too!
    I absolutely loved the post Julia!



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