Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Answer...

Good guesses, everyone! Sorry that I took so long answering! I had a bit of trouble getting a picture of the surprise to show you. ;) No, I did not get a haircut. I think Livvy came the closest with her guess that I changed my room... the answer is,
We re-arranged our living room!

We added a rug that had been upstairs, which made the floor softer. :) That clue threw off some of your guesses a bit. I love how it looks now! :D The new design of our living room is much more spacious and open and will work great for my grad party (I'm very excited about that!) :)

I did not cut my hair...

It's the same length! :)


  1. Ha Ha! Sorry, I guess I started this whole hair fiasco! =;D Lol! I love your hair and would be so sad to see it cut =:( (at least too much that is, not just a trim).

    OOOooooohhhh!!! THAT'S what you did! =;) It looks so cozy and nice! Do you think you will keep it that way now for a long while even after the party? When is your party?

    Blessings and Hugs!

  2. Oh! Neat! =D Yeah, I thought you had cut your hair too. =P I like the way your living room looks now! =)


  3. Oh, that's neat, Julia! I love re-arranging stuff. It's always nice to change things around every now and then. :)

    ~ Love in Christ,

  4. Rachel,
    Haha! Don't worry about it... I won't be cutting my hair anytime soon! :) I may have to trim a 1/2 inch of split ends soon but other than that it will stay the same. :)

    Thanks! We like it too - it feels nice and friendly... functional, but it looks great as well. :)

    Me too! I love re-arranging furniture! :D It's so much fun and the change keeps it looking fresh. :)

    Lauren Ann,
    Thanks! :)


  5. Oh, I forgot to say, my graduation party is on Sunday. :) So we have a few days to prepare everything! :)



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